Every leaked Fortnite skin name and rarity from v11.40 update

Eli Becht

Numerous cosmetics including skins, back blings, weapon wraps, and more leaked as part of the Fortnite v11.40 update.

We may not know what the rest of the inaugural season of Fortnite Chapter 2 has in store in terms of content, but we have a great idea of what the cosmetics are going to look like.

With any update, the dataminers are ready and willing to dive in to find things about the future of the game. With 11.40, a Search & Destroy LTM was revealed, but that’s about it in terms of fresh content.

Fortnite Chapter 2 key art.
Numerous cosmetics are on the way to Fortnite.

If you’re a fan of spending V-Bucks and getting your hands on new skins, then there’s a lot to like going forward.

Here’s a look at all of the leaked skins, complete with their names and rarities, from the v11.40 update.

Every leaked skin

Oro (Legendary) – Golden treasure, an eternal obsession

oro fortnite

Smoke Dragon (Epic) – Shrouded in the shadows

smoke dragon fortnite

Iris (Rare) – Keep the competition in your sights

iris fortnite

Swift (Rare) – It’s gonna be his year

swift fortnite

Jade Racer (Rare) – Driving towards harmony

jade racer fortnite

Jellie (Rare) – The anemone you don’t want for an enemy

jellie fortnite

Tigeress (Rare) – On the prowl with ancestral style

tigeress fortnite

Metal Mouth (Rare) – What lies beyond that sinister smile?

metal mouth fortnite

Komplex (Rare) – The world’s waiting, make your mark

komplex skin fortnite

Zadie (Rare) – She’s got her eyes on you

zadie fortnite

Gan (Rare) – Harness the graceful flow of the elements

gan fortnite

Clash (Uncommon) –Wherever she goes trouble follows

clash fortnite

Arctic Intel (Uncommon) – Leave ’em out in the cold

arctic intel fortnite

Chill Count (Uncommon) – Fight like the wind

chill count fortnite

Chillout (Uncommon) – Stay cool, victory awaits

chillout fortnite

Hailstorm (Uncommon) – The onslaught begins now…

hailstorm skin fortnite

Ice Intercept (Uncommon) – Slide into action

ice intercept fortnite

Ice Stalker (Uncommon) – Stalk the snowy plains

ice stalker fortnite

Snow Sniper (Uncommon) – Cool and calculated

snow sniper fortnite

Snow Striker (Uncommon) – Master of snow and ice

snow striker fortnite

Tango (Uncommon) – You’ve got the moves

tango fortnite

Caution (Uncommon) – Stay alert, danger is all around

caution fortnite

That’s it for all of the skins, but we still have plenty more cosmetics to get through.

Every leaked pickaxe

Glided Scepter (Legendary) – Treasures await those who seek

gilded scepter fortnite

Street Shine (Epic) – This way to superior swiping

street shine fortnite

Scampi (Rare) – Fresh and floppy

scampi fortnite

Rogue Wave (Rare) – Turn the tide of battle

rogue wave fortnite

Pop Axe (Rare) – Add a nice pop of color

pop axe fortnite

Smolders (Rare) – Strike with dragon’s breath

smolders fortnite

Spiked Mace (Rare) – Two hands of spiky goodness

spiked mace fortnite

Tiger Claws (Rare) – Tough as nails

tiger claws fortnite

Dragon’s Breath (Rare) – Get fired up

dragon's breath fortnite

Lucky Axes (Uncommon) – The future holds good swings

lucky axes fortnite

Sea Scorpion (Uncommon) – Barbed for action

sea scorpion fortnite

Twilight Strikers (Uncommon) – Sparkle and slice

twilight strikers fortnite

Wild Accent (Uncommon) – Sharp and stylish

wild accent fortnite

Now, let’s dive into the gliders that have been leaked.

Every leaked glider

Skellon (Legendary) – Nothing stops a dragon

skellon fortnite

Xile (Uncommon) – Make your own way

xile fortnite

Back blings now!

All leaked back blings

Radiant Mantle (Legendary) – The frozen rays of ancient star

radiant mantle fortnite

Bladed Breath (Epic) – The sharp surprise of a dragon’s fire

bladed breath fortnite

Roundabout (Rare) – Vibrant, vivid, and very round

roundabout fortnite

Shellie (Rare) – That’s one tough Shellie

shellie fortnite

Purple Jam (Rare) – Sticky style

purple jam fortnite

Rat Lantern (Rare) – Shine bright in the Year Of The Rat

red lantern fortnite

Loons (Rare) – Fashionably floaty

loons fortnite

Blue Wave (Rare) – Follow the water, find your way

blue wave back bling

Dragon Guard (Rare) – Who dares challenge the dragon

dragon guard fortnite

Jade Blades (Rare) – Jaded and serrated

jade blades fortnite

Contender (Uncommon) – Bring your best to be the best

contender fortnite

Hurricane (Uncommon) – Add a little danger to your tropical adventure

hurricane fortnite

On to the emotes now!

Every leaked emote

Leapin’ (Rare) – Bounce with joy

leapin fortnite

C’mere (Uncommon) – Don’t make me go over there

c'mere fortnite

Cap Kick (Uncommon) – Give it a kick

cap kick fortnite

Focused (Uncommon) – Stay focused in the heat of battle

focused fortnite

Raise the Roof (Uncommon) – Go ahead, we won’t judge

raise the roof fortnite

Shadow Spar (Uncommon) – Train for victory

shadow spar fortnite

Finally, the weapon wraps.

Every leaked wrap

Beacon Trance (Rare)

beacon trance fortnite

Bubbly (Rare)

bubbly fortnite

Mecha-Jolly (Rare)

mecha jolly fortnite

Paint Splash (Rare)

paint splash fortnite

Phantom Flame (Rare)

phantom flame fortnite

Greed (Uncommon)

greed fortnite

Ratty (Uncommon)

ratty fortnite

All leaked music packs

Mellow Days (Rare) – Press play and smooth out

mellow days fortnite

There you have it! These are all of the skins and cosmetics we have to look forward to as we approach the end of the season.

Once the next update hits, there will surely be some more skins revealed, so be on the lookout for that.

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