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Epic Games respond to Fortnite’s aim assist exploit

Published: 31/Jan/2019 14:42 Updated: 31/Jan/2019 14:56

by David Purcell


Epic Games has responded to yet another terrible exploit in Fortnite, which allows players to lock onto their enemies by simply aiming down their sights. 

No matter if you’re far away or hidden behind smoke in Fortnite, an ADS exploit has been allowing players to get the upper hand where they certainly shouldn’t be – locking onto their targets with ease.


However, Epic Games has now addressed the issue head on after finding that footage of the problem was being shared on social media. 


Epic GamesADS issues are impacting tons of players right now in Fortnite.

FNBRBreaks posted a video on Twitter which shows one player hiding behind a stink bomb and another using the ADS exploit to locate them very easily – without any visibility at all. 

Epic Games has since offered an official response to the exploit and it seems like a fix isn’t going to be too far away. “We have a change coming in 7.40 that should mitigate this,” Eric Williamson tweeted. 


Other players, like Twitch streamer Upshall, have been experimenting with Fortnite’s weapons using the PC version of the game, and his findings were quite shocking indeed. 


Upshall’s test showed that the aim assist was being directly affected by FPS, meaning that when he increased his to 240, his crosshairs would immediately pull towards the head of his opponents. 

It remains unclear if these problems were introduced with the latest v7.30 content update, but what we do know is that Epic is working to remove them in the v7.40 patch. 


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