New LTM coming to Fortnite for Marshmello concert event

Calum Patterson

EDM DJ Marshmello has confirmed that he will be performing at Fortnite’s Pleasant Park on Saturday, February 2, and the developers are making sure that no one will miss the show.

Like previous in-game events, the Marshmello performance will be one-off thing, so if you want to see the action in real time for yourself, you will have to log on to the game at 2pm EST on Saturday.

The problem though, is that during previous events, some players have taken the opportunity while opponents’ have their guard down, to mow people down for some free eliminations.

The stage has started going up for the concert.

During the rocket launch in Season 3 for example, one opportunistic player managed to break the record for most eliminations in a match, by destroying the platform almost the entire lobby was standing on to watch the event.

Epic Games have managed to work around these problems to an extent in later in-game events, with player made temporarily invincible during the ‘butterfly’ event for example.

To avoid missing out on the Marshmello concert, it looks like players will be able to enter a special Limited Time Mode (LTM) which will have respawning enabled, so that if someone tries to ruin the fun, you’ll simply spawn back in.

@JH9Details of the LTM were discovered in-game ahead of the event.

The LTM will be called ‘Party at Pleasant Park’. It’s not known how long the concert will last, but presumably once it’s over the LTM will be removed, unless the concert is to be replayed for a certain period.

Along with the concert itself, the Marshmello event, also known as ‘Festivus’, has its own set of unique challenges, which have been discovered by leakers.

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