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Epic Games confirm Fortnite fixes coming in next Season 3 updates

Published: 21/Jun/2020 11:25

by Daniel Cleary


Epic Games have revealed a list of some major Fortnite bugs that will soon be fixed following the massive Season 3 update on June 17.

Fortnite’s long-awaited third Season introduced many new changes such as a flooded map, new weapons and another battle pass for players to progress through.

Along with the major Season 3 changes, there were also some bug fixes added to Fortnite on June 17, with issues, such as damage indicators pointing the wrong direction, now fixed in the battle royale title.

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Fortnite Season 3 islands
Epic Games
Epic Game has revealed more fixes coming to Fortnite following the Season 3 update.

Epic Games recently revealed that they had some more bug fixes coming soon, however, posting multiple bugs on their Trello board that will be dealt with in future updates.


They shared that missing styles for both the Specialist Pickaxe and Arroyo Pack Back Bling cosmetics would be fixed in the next patch and that emote music would no longer be heard while at the main stage in Party Royale.

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There are also many battle royale specific issues listed, with a Supply Drop loot glitch and a bug which would prevent players from being healed by a Chug Splash, when thrown near a bush, expected to be fixed in the next patch as well.

List of bug fixes in Fortnite
Epic Games, Trello
All Fortnite bug fixes expected in future updates.

Sidegrading certain Epic and Legendary SMGs at an Upgrade Bench is another problem that Fortnite devs are aware of, although it is expected to be fixed in a later patch compared to the ones previously listed.


Epic Games will also be releasing a fix for a bizarre texture bug, that can turn the map pink, in Fortnite’s Save the World survival mode.

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The final bug fix is one for mobile players, after they encountered trouble building when switching between combat and build modes, however, Epic has revealed that they are on top of it and that it will be patched in a future update.

For more of the latest bug fixes as well other changes that were added to Fortnite on June 17, you can check out the full Season 3 patch notes here.