SypherPK claims Rapid Fire SMG is most underrated weapon in Fortnite

. 2 years ago
SypherPK / Epic Games

Popular Twitch streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has revealed why he thinks the Rapid Fire SMG is the most underrated Fortnite weapon in Season 3.

The third season of Fortnite Chapter 2 finally arrived on June 17 and brought about many changes such as a flooded map and the addition of new weapons, such as the Charge Shotgun.

However, despite new weapons being added in Season 3, streamer SypherPK revealed his surprising gun of choice, one which often gets overlooked when players are hunting for loot.

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Fortnite character with charge shotgun
Epic Games
New weapons such as the Charge Shotgun were added in Fortnite Season 3.

Sypher was testing out many of the Season 3 changes, during his June 19 broadcast, when he found himself in a tough build battle with the last remaining player for the Victory Royale.

However, after quickly switching to a Rapid Fire SMG that he had picked up earlier in the game, the streamer demonstrated just how devastating it can be in Fortnite.

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He managed to pin his opponent down in his build and continued to spray through the walls with the SMG, dealing damage and forcing the player to keep building in an attempt to survive.

Sypher highlighted that, despite his opponent’s best efforts, he was unable to escape in time as the Rapid Fire SMG was dealing damage before he could even repair the walls, leading to another win for him.

“Bullets keep slipping through because this fire rate is higher than the build rate,” he explained, revealing that there was little the player could do to counter him.

Hassan also shared that, even with 50 ping in that match, the weapon was more than enough to secure the Victory Royale, “the Rapid Fire SMG is the most underrated gun in Fortnite, don’t you forget it.”

He later claimed that the Rapid Fire SMG was more powerful than both the Drum Gun and the Compact SMG, AKA as the P90, which are considered the go-to guns for those close-range fights in the late game.

While the Rapid Fire SMG has not been that popular since its initial release in Chapter 2, Season 2, it is likely that more Fortnite fans will be keeping an eye out for one in their future games.

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