Epic Games CEO teases “more powerful” Fortnite Creative tools coming soon

Epic GamesEpic Games

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has teased “more powerful” Fortnite Creative tools coming in the next 12 months, as the ever-growing battle royale title continues to expand towards the goal of becoming a “platform.”

It’s no secret Epic is looking to push the boundaries of gaming with Fortnite, and has already taken steps towards those goals with things like the game-deleting event “The End,” and a Star Wars crossover ahead of The Rise of Skywalker.

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According to the company’s founder and chief executive Sweeney, there’s plenty more to come on the horizon “in the next twelve months,” starting with the introduction of “more powerful” Fortnite Creative tools to kick-start a new era.

Epic GamesEpic Games
Tim Sweeney has teased “more powerful” creative tools coming to Fortnite in the next year.

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Sweeney, and many higher-ups from Epic, have recently taken the line that they want to turn Fortnite into “a platform” rather than just a 100-player battle royale title, and the company’s CEO recently added they want to see the shooter turn into a place where “the majority of content people spend time with is created by others.”

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Now it looks like that change could begin in 2020, especially considering Sweeney has teased even more power for Fortnite content creators once ‘upgraded’ tools drop for the newly added development mode.

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Epic’s CEO was asked on Twitter what changes Fortnite might see in the next twelve months as the title looks to begin its ambitious transition into the bold new ‘creative platform,’ and what content that might bring for loyal players.

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“Nothing hifalutin,” Sweeney said, explaining the first changes may not be ‘over-the-top.’ “More powerful Fortnite Creative tools so that creators outside of Epic Games can do the kind of things with the game that only we can do right now.”

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The question came after the Epic founder admitted the next 12 months might see Fortnite actually begin its transition away from gaming to a more broad spectrum for the community in a cryptic tweet reply.

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Between that, and Sweeney’s revelation during a BAFTA interview in September, it looks like Epic is beginning to take their platform master plan public, especially after Sweeney admitted the company was working on “10 different projects” which all boasted parallel views on “coming together in the future.”

“We’re going to see a future world of games, where users are the primary creators of content,” he added, and admitted the improved and accelerated social features arriving in the Fortnite Creative mode were also to meet that end.

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Epic GamesEpic is looking to fire Fortnite into the future as a ‘platform’ instead of a game.

As for what these “more powerful” tools for Fortnite Creative could be, Sweeney remained tightlipped, but if Epic’s recent moves are any indication, they could well be more expanded access for content creators, and a new garage of intricate tools.

It’s also basically confirmed the social platform within the creative mode will also continue to expand, moving more towards a “social meeting place” like many gamers are treating Fortnite these days, rather than just a fighting arena.

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For now, Fortnite fans might have to make do with the plethora of new content rolling in with the New Year’s celebrations arriving in the battle royale in the next few days, including new skins, and a disco-ball themed event.

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