Emperor’s Fortnite message meaning possibly revealed by Star Wars leaker

L: Epic Games R: Lucasfilm

On December 14, an exclusive Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker clip aired in Fortnite and players were given a special message from The Emperor himself.

Fans were treated to a clip from the upcoming film where we got to see Rey use a Jedi Mind Trick on a pair of Stormtroopers, but some fans ended up being more focused on what Emperor Palpatine said as the event concluded.

“At last the work of generations is complete,” he proclaimed. “The great error is corrected. The day of victory is at hand. The day of revenge. The day of the Sith.”

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(Quote begins at 11:54 mark)

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While many would just chalk that up to building some extra hype for the release of the film, as it turns out, there might be a bit more to that line that meets the eye.

* WARNING * – Possible Rise of Skywalker spoilers ahead

We’re now entering leaks and spoilers territory for Star Wars Episode IX so be warned. According to the leaked opening crawl, which is not confirmed, it addresses The Emperor’s resurrection and could also explain his speech given in Fortnite.

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The first line references the galaxy hearing a mysterious broadcast from Palpatine and some are actually wondering if his Fortnite speech is indeed that broadcast in question.

Disney/Epic GamesThe Rise of Skywalker will conclude the sequel trilogy.

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It would certainly be an interesting easter egg for Fortnite and Star Wars fans, that’s for sure. Luckily for everybody, there’s not a whole lot of time left to find out if this is actually the case or not.

The Rise of Skywalker is set to release on December 20, but many moviegoers will be seeing it the night before.

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This means spoilers will be floating around everywhere on the internet so if you’re concerned about that, you’ll want to make sure you see the movie as soon as possible.’

Epic Games / DisneyCould even more Star Wars content be on the way?

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As for more Star Wars coming to Fortnite, we shouldn’t close the door on that just yet. Ninja and Mark Hamill have gotten together for a special episode of Xbox Sessions where we could potentially get another announcement on more Star Wars content in Fortnite.

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It’s been a jam-packed month of Fortnite content for Star Wars fans so it’d be cool to see it go out with a bang.