Leakers confirm Fortnite New Years Event 2020 – details, weapon skins, more

Fortnite leakers have confirmed that Fortnite Chapter 2 will have a New Years Event for the start of 2020, suggesting it will be very similar to the one we saw last year. 

As long-time Fortnite players will know, Epic Games pride themselves on hosting awesome in-game events to match those in the real-world. Christmas time sees the map become snowy, and a new Star Wars film sees lightsabers implemented.

This will be the case yet again for the turn of the decade, with all signs suggesting players will be in store for an almost identical experience to last year. 

Epic GamesImagine this, but 2020, and you’re about there.

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According to reputable Fortnite data miner, ‘Lucas7yoshi’, the event is going to be similar to the one from last year. 

For those who didn’t play Fortnite last year, the game forced players to dance every hour as it became 2019 in a new part of the world. Hence, players all across the world should be able to enjoy the New Year in-game as it happens in their locality. 

However, a number of players complained that this impeded their ability to play a normal game of Fortnite when the event was happening.

What will happen in the Fortnite New Year Event?

“I don’t really see anything that looks different from last year’s,” Yoshi said. “So it’s most likely going to be fairly similar at its core – but probably updated.” 

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Further to this, Yoshi leaked a couple of weapon skins that will be accompanying the event, both of which look pretty awesome. 

A look into the game’s coding cements these suggestions, seeing a number of similarities. These include a New Year timer to provide a countdown, as well as a disco ball – which has already appeared in ‘replay’ files in the game. 

NoVa_IwarriorThe disco ball is already rendering.

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While much appears to be similar to last year’s, events are subject to change depending on how Epic want to celebrate the New Year. Developers also get time off around the holidays, meaning a similar event to last year is likely. 

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Winterfest has been ongoing throughout December on the Fortnite map, with a number of weapons being unvaulted and mysterious blizzards blowing across the map. As this event blows out, stay tuned for all the latest.