Dangerous Fortnite Season 5 jetpack exploit lets you float forever

Brad Norton
Fortnite jetpack gameplay

There’s a risky new exploit in Fortnite Season 5 that allows you to float above your competition forever using jetpacks in the Floor is Lava LTM.

Game-breaking exploits are nothing new to Fortnite though players just uncovered a more ridiculous bug in Season 5. It doesn’t grant invincibility and it won’t outright win you a game, but it could throw your enemies for a loop.

Jetpacks are back in the game for Season 5 though they can’t be used freely, only in the Floor is Lava LTM. Holding down the boost button will eventually cause them to overheat. Meaning you’ll only be able to reach a certain height through short bursts.

Thanks to a new exploit, however, that’s no longer the case. Players are able to soar through the sky without worry. 

Fortnite gameplay
You’ll need to find some lava in Fortnite for this jetpack exploit to work.

The exploit comes as a result of hitting the lava that engulfed the map in earlier seasons, but is now only available in the LTM. 

Activating your jetpack right at the final moment as you collide with the lava, will see your character flying upwards. Without explanation, your jetpack will break and you’ll be stuck in an endless ascension. No matter what you do from here, you’ll be stuck floating. You can shoot down on enemies below, but you won’t be able to navigate back down to the ground.

The trick takes some precise timing to get right. So there’s an element of risk involved. If you miss by even a few frames, you could be taking major damage and potentially end your run early.

Though the benefits of this exploit could outweigh the risk in certain situations. Down to the final few players? Jump towards the lava and rise up for easy pickings. No one would ever expect a player to be randomly floating without hearing a jetpack sound overhead.

While it won’t take you to the absolute highest point possible, it will let you float at max jetpack height,” Reddit user ‘monty775’ confirmed.

They remained at this point until the storm “completely closed.” This means you really can use this exploit to stay above your competition for a full game of the Floor is Lava. Just be cautious of nearby foes trying to build up to knock you down.

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