Fortnite player reveals “insane” infinite movement exploit in Chapter 5

Josh Taylor

One Fortnite player has left the game’s community shocked with their ingenious infinite movement method in Chapter 5.

Fortnite has been well underway with Chapter 5 Season 1 as the game heads towards the end of the season.

A wealth of major content updates have came throughout, the biggest being Solid Snake and TMNT. These both added an array of new features, such as their own brand-new NPCs to this season’s roster.

However, an NPC that has gone overlooked this season is Fortnite’s Contract Giller. Now, a player has showcased that in exploiting Giller’s unique features it can give your Squads infinite movement.

Fortnite player shocks with ingenious NPC movement exploit

Fortnite player and creator Jiznosh revealed their discovery to their socials, which they stated left them “jaw-dropped” after exploiting the use of the NPC Contract Giller.

“This AI will get you infinite movement in Chapter 5. Contract Giller is located at the docks just northwest of Classy Courts and costs 250 Gold Bars to be hired and 250 Gold for his best feature, Rift-To-Go.”

They then broke down the method: “Teammate one should activate his Rift-To-Go while teammate two stands back. Teammate two then hires Giller and uses the Rift-To-Go as well.

“You can then rotate onto teams and repeat infinitely, just un-hire him, re-Rift, re-hire, it can be costly, but Gold is easy to farm this season, have fun boys.”

You would need more than one player in your squad to complete this method in Chapter 5, and even though you can use it in Duos, it is best used with a full stacked team of four in Squads. This is especially due to the amount of Gold Bars you would be constantly be burning through while trying to get that Victory Royale.

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