Ceice and Elevate win $100,000 WSOE Fortnite Event

Ceice and Elevate have won WOSE 3’s $100,000 Fortnite tournament after a dominating LAN performance that made headlines for planes and boomboxes.

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Despite the evenly matched field of 100 players, the same teams found themselves near the top each round. Two teams won two rounds each, with qualifiers Psalm and Rhux taking two, as well as leaders Ceice and Elevate.

Heading into the final round, WOSE had a tight leaderboard with only 30 points separating the top 3 teams and plenty more in striking distance.

The top two teams clashed in a head to head rarely seen in Fortnite esports, with first place Ceice and Elevate going after second place Psalm and Rhux to make sure they couldn’t be caught.

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The aggression paid off as Ceice eliminated Psalm, then Rhux followed.

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Zayt and Saf won the sixth and final round and due to their third overall place headed into the final, the tournament was left in a holding period as math was calculated to determine the winner. Second place Psalm and Rhux scored zero points in round 6, but Ceice and Elevate hung around long enough to potentially hold their top placing.

And the elims were enough as Ceice and Elevate took home first place.

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WSOE Fortnite Final Placements

The tournament was heavily influenced by the new items added to Fortnite, the X-4 Stormwing plane and the Boombox.

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TSM Myth gave a revealing interview that put Epic in an awkward place, saying pros were “being trolled” by the Boombox addition.

Myth also made headlines for winning the $5,000 viral clip prize. Unfortunately for him, the clip that went viral was not an amazing play. Of course, it was Myth getting knocked by fall damage then being attacked by a Stormwing.