The 5 best places to land in Fortnite Chapter 2

Epic Games

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Fortnite Chapter 2’s new map features loads of new locations to explore, but where should you aim for when exiting the Party Bus? We’ve selected five of the best places to land – head to these areas to grab loot and boost your chances of a Victory Royale.

The map might have changed a great deal but, as has always been the case, some areas are quickly becoming more popular than others due to the amount of items and chests that can be found in them. 

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The risk vs reward aspect of of going to a high traffic area is that you could be stocked up on weapons and items in no time at all. However, if you don’t find something to fight with fast, you could be eliminated before your game even begins. 

It’s up to you whether the risk is worth it or whether you’d rather play the long game and pick a quieter area of the map and risk having a weaker loadout until later in the game. Whatever your style, here are five landing spots that we believe you should seriously consider:

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5. Pleasant Park

Epic GamesPleasant Park is back!

The well known suburban landscape of Pleasant Park is back, and it’s just as viable a landing spot as it was in Chapter 1.

The Park features numerous homes and buildings that are made of all different types of materials, giving players lots of opportunities to obtain plenty of early materials necessary to make a late-game push.

Loot chests are scattered all over the park, in the basements and attics of houses, underneath staircases, and all over the neighborhood. For Squads, there’s also a respawn van in the center of the park in case other groups decide to drop there as well.

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4. Frenzy Farm

Epic GamesThe rural landscape of Frenzy Farm.

The homage to Chapter 1’s Fatal Fields, Frenzy Farm is just as productive and useful to dropping players as its spiritual predecessor.

Frenzy Farm provides a plethora of wood and metal materials from all the farm structures and machinery, as well as plenty of loot chests and hiding spots. Numerous hay piles act as literal hiding spots that you can dive into, Assassin’s Creed-style, but the hay fields and tomato trellises provide excellent cover as well. But keep your eyes peeled for the instant death spots that some streamers have noticed.

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The farm also has a respawn van to bring back your deceased teammates, and is just southwest of the previously mentioned Steamy Stacks, making it a good ambush point for teams or players gliding away from the power plant. The farm’s central location makes it a great spot to build your arsenal early, and then feed off of players making their way in from the map’s edges.

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3. Sweaty Sands

Epic GamesEnjoy a relaxing day on the beach at Sweaty Sands.

The Sweaty Sands boardwalk and beach area in the northwest corner of the map boasts loads of loot chests and materials. Wood, stone and metal are in high quantities throughout the area, as are loot chests, and that’s just the above ground ones!

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Yes, underneath the boardwalk and scattered across the beaches are extra buried loot chests – you have to use your eyes to spot them though, because they don’t give off the typical loot chest sound. This was first discovered by reddit user FortyNineMilkshakes.

For that extra loot, along with the nearby upgrade station and all the materials available, a trip to the beach should be a priority for players hopping off the Party Bus.

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2. Steamy Stacks

Epic GamesThe Steamy Stacks spewing pink steam.

Despite its location in the very northeast corner of the Chapter 2 map, the new power plant known as Steamy Stacks is a tremendous starting point for players.

Land here and you’ll have access to lots of metal materials, plenty of loot chests, a weapon upgrade station, and most importantly, access to two different modes of easy-to-use transportation.

Make your way into the base of either of the two cooling towers, and there’s plenty of pink goo that gives off lots of steam. Simply jump over the goo and let the steam carry you right out of the tower, allowing you to fly or glide away from the towers. There’s also power lines that players can use as ziplines, taking you south.

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1. Slurpy Swamp and Slurp Factory

Epic GamesSlurp Factory and the surrounding Slurpy Swamp.

The Slurpy Swamp and the Slurp Factory that sits within it are excellent spots to get some early game loot. The best part? You don’t even need to drink any shield potions you pick up to get full shields. 

The swamp and the factory have plenty of Slurp Juice just lying around, with convenient and beneficial ways of accessing it. In and around the factory are Slurp Kegs that you can break open, with each one giving you 10 shields and some metal materials.

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By standing in the glowing pools in the swamp, you can increase shields and health without having to use items. With all that and the number of loot chests in the immediate area, it makes the destroyed factory and the polluted swamp a highly valuable drop zone.

What’s great about all five of these locations is that they are all on the waterfront as well. All five locations we mentioned are right up against one of the many rivers that feed into the center of the map, so if you’re a fan of the new boating or fishing mechanics, these spots will serve your interests as well.

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However, if there are any spots that you’ve had good luck with that we didn’t mention, then keep using them! Whatever gets you the win.

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