Two instant death locations found on Fortnite Chapter 2 map

Epic Games

Instant death locations have reared their ugly heads in Fortnite before and were eventually fixed, but with the new Chapter 2 map, players have discovered at least two such locations already.

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After being sucked into a black hole at the end of Season X, Fortnite went dark, but has now reemerged and completely rebranded itself as ‘Chapter 2’.

As part of this rebrand, a brand-new map was introduced that features a few familiar locations sprinkled in with loads of new ones.

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Epic GamesChapter 2 has arrived but it brought instadeath spots too.
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The new map has created a lot of excitement, but there are already some serious problems with it due to bugs, which can be deadly.

Streamers SypherPK and TimTheTatman have discovered separate areas by Frenzy Farm that result in your instant demise.

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Also at Frenzy Farm, but at a slightly different location, TimTheTatman and his squad were all wiped out by an instadeath spot.

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These spots are particularly dangerous because you’ll skip the downed state and go straight to death, leaving your team with just a Reboot Card. However, they can’t even grab your card, because they too will fall victim to the instadeath.

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There hasn’t been an official response from Epic Games about this dangerous location yet, but if it continues to pose a threat to unsuspecting players, we can expect some communication soon.

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Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a set of patch notes released for Chapter 2 at the time of writing, despite the game being live again.

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It’s clear a lot of changes were made, but players will have to figure them all out on their own for now, including the instadeath locations, instead of reading patch notes.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for more instadeath spots – we see how easy they can sneak up on you.

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