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Fan goes ballistic after randomly joining Benjyfishy’s Fortnite lobby

Published: 26/Dec/2019 5:06

by Andrew Amos


A die-hard fan of Fortnite Battle Royale pro Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ David Fish went ballistic after joining the player’s lobby randomly, leaving him a bit bewildered.

Benjyfishy is one of the biggest personalities in Fortnite, with almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 400,000 followers on Twitter, and over 500,000 followers on Twitch.

With this level of popularity comes a legion of fans from all walks of life, and with all sorts of personalities. During his Christmas Eve stream, Benjy encountered one of the most enthusiastic fans ever, who spent minutes screaming and crying over being in the same lobby as his idol.

Twitter: Benjyfishy
Epic Games
Benjyfishy has a lot of fans thanks to his out-there personality and excellent skills in-game.

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“Oh my god,” the fan, ‘Jonj,’ yelled. “I’m in a game with Benjy!” Jonj was so excited it sounded like he was losing his voice, as he kept screaming in shock at what he had stumbled into on Christmas Eve.

“I’m in a game with f**king Benjy,” he said, before begging the NRG pro to speak. However, Benjy was unsure of what to do, with the streamer looking slightly confused at the situation he was in.

“Do I speak,” he asked his chat. He eventually opened up his mic, telling the fan to calm down a little bit. “Yo, yo, bro what the f**k. I’ve never heard somebody so gassed to be in a lobby with me.”


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After the fan composed himself, they loaded into a creative game and chilled for a bit. He even called Benjy a “god” and asked about his World Cup experience, which he described as just “good.”

There was a bit on the line though. Benjy wagered Twitter follows for the fan and his friends in the boxfight custom, before proceeding to demolish all of them. Round after round, Jonj wasn’t able to beat Benjy and his crew, and tempers started flaring.

As the compliments turned into insults in the heat of battle, Benjy couldn’t help but laugh and throw a bit of BM in the mix to keep things interesting.


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While Jonj was able to live out a dream of his to play with Benjyfishy, he sadly walked away with his tail between his legs after getting handed a heavy defeat at the hands of the pro.

At least he can say he’s played with the best of them though, and the experience of even just facing up with one of his idols will last forever.