All Fortnite Chapter 2 chest locations revealed

Epic Games

After a few days of waiting, the best spots for chests have been uncovered for Fortnite Chapter 2 has given Epic Games’ uber-popular battle royale a fresh coat of paint with a new map, new loot pool, and some brand new mechanics. Players have been exploring the new landscape since the end of the black hole event – trying to find which locations have the best loot, and which are going to have the most players.

The easy answers would, of course, be somewhere that is directly on the battle bus’ flight plan, but if you want to stretch yourself for a further out drop, you could set yourself up with a lot of chests and some higher tier loot than normal.

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Epic GamesYou can get loot from fishing in Fortnite, but chests are much easier.

Thanks to Twitter user Crash7_, the full chest count for each named location – not the landmark, but those actually named on the map – have been revealed. 

It might not surprise many fans, but Sweaty Sands has the most with 34 chest spawns, Dirty Docks runs it close though with 31, while Lazy Lake takes bronze and has 28. On the flip side of things, landing at Weeping Woods, Holly Hedges, and Slurpy Swamp will have fewer opportunities for chests as they hold 11, 14, and 18 respectively.

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Of course, one of the trades off to a lack of loot at Slurpy Swamp is that you can build up shields by sitting in the water outside, breaking barrels, and even Slurp Juice fans for a quick buff. 

Eagle-eyed fans would have also noted that the returning POIs – Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and Salty Springs – are omitted from Crash7_’s initial list. The Fortnite fan also noted these locations as being on the weaker side, with 19, 18, and 12 respectively – and even included a few handy maps.

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Regardless of how many chests one spot may have, that isn’t going to guarantee a victory royale as you will have to hope that the RNG gods are on your side with each one you open. 

You may have in line to open up an Epic Assault Rifle, but you could also easily end up with an uncommon Pistol and a handful of bandages. 

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