Tfue explains why he thinks Fortnite Chapter 2 is “the worst thing ever”

Fortnite Battle Royale superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has exploded about Chapter 2, calling the update “the worst thing ever” after facing a plague of issues on stream.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought a ton of new content to Epic’s incredibly popular Battle Royale. Many elements have been updated, including a refreshed HUD in-game, while mechanics like fishing and boats have been added to accompany the new map.

Like with every update, there’s bound to be a bug or two. However, the Chapter 2 update for Fortnite has opened up a whole new can of worms, and streamers like Tfue are not impressed.

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On an October 15 stream, the day of the Chapter 2 release, Tfue had a chance to try out the updated Fortnite, and he wasn’t stoked. Among trying to wrap his head around all of the new features, the streamer complained about lag and general performance issues.

“The pump got nerfed pretty hard,” he said, describing why he swapped from pump shotgun to the TAC. “It’s still good, but the TAC is more reliable especially because it’s so f***ing laggy. My best case scenario is to hold out the tact like a bot and just shoot.

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“They f***ed this season up bro. This game sucks.”

Segment starts at 0:30 for mobile users.

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While the game looks visually stunning with the updated graphics, it doesn’t make it any better to play. In fact, it feels like the game has gone backwards, according to Tfue.

“Tfue’s game looks crisp as f***? It literally feels like the worst thing ever,” he said.

Whether it’s a change in the netcode, or the additional in-game elements and rising player count adding stress onto the servers, either way, Tfue isn’t impressed with the amount of lag he is getting in his games.

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“That’s my biggest issue with Chapter 2,” he said. “I already had to deal with playing on 30 to 50 ping, but now it feels like I’m playing at 100. I’ve never felt at more of a disadvantage due to connection in my life. I can’t even play certain types of competitive any more.”

Issues with performance aren’t the only thing plaguing Fortnite’s player base in Chapter 2. Hit detection in close-range seems to be off-kilter, with players being hit by stray bullets that never look like connecting.

Epic GamesWhile there were a bunch of new features added to Fortnite, the game’s performance has dropped.
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There was also an exploit found that allows players to block damage from the storm by running into a wall in Slurpy Swamp, giving them unlimited health. 

While the update brought some much needed changes to the game, Epic Games will need to look at patching out these exploits and performance issues before they turn up the heat on Fortnite’s competitive scene in Chapter 2.