All Fortnite bug fixes coming in v16.10 update

Epic Games

Fans of Fortnite, should be pleased to know that a variety of bugs and glitches are going to be fixed for the BR and Creative Modes in the game’s next update: v16.10.

Fortnite Season 6 received its update (v16.00) on March 16, bringing an array of new content to the title, but fans have been wondering when some of its issues would be ironed out. Fortunately, it seems that at least 10 bugs will be fixed in update v16.10. 

Expected to launch as early as sometime this week, Epic Games have disclosed all of the issues that they have already solved for the v16.10 patch. Eight of the aforementioned bugs are for the battle royale and two are for Creative Mode, ensuring solutions for the entire community.

Fortnite Shark Island anomalyEpic Games
Fortnite Season 6 brought a wealth of new content.

Fortnite bug fixes coming in v16.10 update

Below, you’ll find information about all bug fixes coming to Fortnite in v16.10 — based on the information that the developers have already publicly disclosed on their Trello board.

These bugs are prominent on the game’s major platforms (PC, Xbox and PlayStation), but not ordered by system. All are fixed in the upcoming patch.

Battle Royale bug fixes

  • Split-screen “Ready Up!” issue
  • Duplicate XP notifications during party completion of Legendary “Craft Items” quests
  • Anomaly not appearing on Shark Island
  • Chapter 2: Season 5 Legacies not showing in Career tab
  • Decreased visibility, increased brightness in Storm
  • Opening inventory cancels Tap to Search/Interact/Revive
  • Character Quests not counting toward other Quests’ progression 
  • Stackable items not split when using Shift + Drag on keyboard and mouse

Creative Mode bug fixes

  • A.I. characters get stuck in obstacles
  • Player portals say “Creative Don’t Fill”

With top Fortnite players like NRG’s Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod frustrated with the game to the point that they try out the rival Call of Duty: Warzone, the v16.10 update is right on time. The BR arms race is starting to be dictated by community support, aside from just mechanics and feel.

Taking care of 10 bugs within a few weeks of the Season 6 update is sure to appease some players, but fans will want this sort of transparency and consistency moving forward. We will update this piece if more bug fixes are announced for the v16.10 patch.