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Fortnite Crew Pack fan theory suggests connection to past seasons

Published: 26/Mar/2021 23:38

by Tanner Pierce


Fortnite’s Crew Pack service gives players access to a few interesting items, including a special skin each month – and some fans have seemingly figured out an interesting connection between the exclusive skins and previous seasons.

Fortnite’s Crew Pack subscription service has been around for a few months now. Those who are subscribed to it get the current battle pass, 1000 V-Bucks, and an exclusive skin for $11.99.

While the community’s feelings on the skins that it comes with each month are a bit mixed, some fans have discovered an interesting link between the service and the game’s past, and it may actually predict the next skin.


Epic Games
According to the theory, Fortnite’s April Crew Pack skin connects to Season 7.

The theory, which was originally posted by the Twitter account @FortniteJPNews, says that each Crew Pack skin has related to the past seasons in some way, starting with Season 3. While that may seem ridiculous at first, it’s actually not that crazy once you look at the evidence.

As the account points out, December’s Crew Pack skin Galaxia had a space theme, which was mirrored in Chapter 1, Season 3. January’s featured was  Green Arrow, which is a superhero – not unlike the ones we got in Chapter 1, Season 4’s battle pass. The other seasons also have some sort of connection to the Chapter 1 seasons, all the way up to Season 7, whether they be big or small.


This led them to point out that these connections could mean that May’s Crew Pack skin might be related to Season 8 in some way. That season had a pirate theme, so it’s possible that we’ll get a pirate – or maybe, as some people have speculated, something Peely related, the fan-favorite banana character that’s been seen in promotional material since its release.

It’ll be interesting to see if this theory comes to pass or if it’s all just a bunch of lucky coincidences. Either way, only time will tell, as we shouldn’t hear about May’s skin until around a month from now.