Epic Games accidentally leak new Fortnite bundle early: Pulga Locker

Connor Bennett
Sparkplug in Fortnite at the spire
Epic Games

Epic Games appear to have accidentally leaked the newest bundle coming to the Fortnite item shop, posting it on social media way before it goes live. 

Since it burst onto the gaming scene back in 2017, Fortnite’s battle royale mode has become synonymous with having some incredible cosmetics – including creative skins for characters.

Epic Games have come up with hundreds of characters of their own, dipped into pop culture by doing crossovers with Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel – to name just a few, and even added skins and emotes for some of the biggest Fortnite players around.

Only a select few Fortnite content creators have got their own skin and cosmetics through the Fortnite Icon Series, but others have been represented through locker bundles that appear in the store every so often.

Logos of fortnite streamers
Epic Games
The Icon Series gives Fortnite creators some in-game cosmetics.

These locker bundles are made up of a certain player’s favorite skin, pickaxe, glider, weapon wrap, emote, and even spray at times, giving fans a chance to follow in their footsteps.

However, Epic appears to have made a misstep with the newest locker bundle – designed around Brazillian Fortnite pro Pulga – by releasing it on social media early.

The official Fortnite Instagram account posted that the new bundle was available as of March 28, way before the item shop is set to refresh. It was quickly picked up on by players and leakers, noting that Epic had seemingly jumped the gun.

On top of the confusion about Epic ‘leaking’ their own new bundle, some players noted that the Sparkplug skin – which is the female skin used in the bundle – is often used by North American pro Clix, and they were surprised it was being used as a part of Pulga’s set.

Regardless, the new bundle should be available when the store resets later in the day – which is when the post for the bundle probably should have went live originally.