Ali-A reveals what’s inside all Fortnite Winterfest epic presents

Sam Comrie
A screenshot of Ali-A and Fortnite Winterfest
YouTube: Ali-A, Epic Games

Fortnite Winterfest has arrived, with plenty of presents to unwrap along the way. YouTuber Ali-A has got his hands on all of the festive delights, revealing what treats are up for grabs. 

Introduced in December 2019, Winterfest is a brilliant time for Fortnite players. Dropping 14 free presents, these can range from fantastical emotes to stylish new gliders. However, you may be wondering exactly what is underneath the cheery wrapping of Epic Games’ free gifts.

If you’re after a specific treat this Christmas, Ali-A has unwrapped every present available in the game.

A screenshot of Winterfest in Fortnite 2021.
Epic Games
There is plenty of festive cheer to spread this Christmas, as new presents become available.

Ali-A reveals exciting Fortnite additions

There is no shortage of content this Christmas in Fortnite, with Spider-Man: No Way Home additions also increasing the fun. To get the Holidays off with a bang, Ali-A began to rattle through each present within the Winter Lodge.

Thanks to the contributors over at Ali-A’s Discord server, the YouTuber was able to preview every present available over the Christmas period. Notably, Epic Games rolled out their first taste of The Matrix Resurrections-themed content pack, with a Sentinel glider. Christmas weapons wraps such as the ‘Twinkly’ and ‘Woolly’ variants will no doubt please players looking to add some vibrancy to their arsenal.

“This year, you want to be looking out for the color of the present and the design on it,” Ali-A advised his viewers.  Since many of the gifts tend to look similar to one another, it can be confusing to find the exact one you require. However, if you look closer, you’ll be able to see different pattern designs, that will help to differentiate the repetitive color schemes.

Fortnite Winterfest will run up to January 6, 2022, so there is plenty of time to check-in and claim your gifts.