Fortnite Winterfest 2021 presents & free skins: What’s in the finaI gift?

A screenshot of Fortnite Winterfest 2021 presents and what's inside themEpic Games

As part of the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 celebrations, players will be able to open a new present each day, but which one contains free skins? And what’s the final gift going to be?

Winterfest 2021 is finally here, giving Fortnite fans three weeks full of content to discover including unvaulted items like the Snowball Launcher, Spider-Man and MJ skins in the shop, and a new set of Winterfest Quests to complete.

Perhaps the most exciting part, though, is the ability to unwrap a new present every day for 14 days by visiting Crackshot’s Cabin, where Sgt. Winter will be waiting with free Skins, Pickaxes, Wraps, and more to add to your Locker.

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Below, you’ll find all the details we know about the contents of these presents so far, including how to get those elusive Krisabelle and Polar Peely skins, as well as details of the bonus final Winterfest present.


Opening a present in Fortnite Winterfest 2021Epic Games
Make sure you open every present during Winterfest for some great rewards.

How to open presents in Fortnite Winterfest 2021

In order to start unwrapping your presents in Fortnite, make sure you’re on the lobby screen then scroll across until you hit the snowflake tab. Select ‘visit Lodge’ and choose the present you want to open.

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Remember to return each day for the next 14 days to unwrap more! Don’t worry if you miss a day or two, as you’ll be able to catch up on any unopened presents as long as you log in before January 6, 2022.

You’ll be able to unwrap a new present every day at 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm GMT.

What’s inside each Fortnite Winterfest 2021 present?

Below you’ll find all of the free rewards on offer in Winterfest 2021, as well as the presents you need to open to get them:

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Reward Present
Polar Peely Skin Frozen Blue Present from Fresh Aura
Krisabelle Skin Biggest Orange Present from Fresh Aura
Sentinel Glider (from The Matrix) Glitchy Black and Green present
Holly Hatchets Pickaxe Square Purple Present hanging from the crane
Snowplower Pickaxe Tall Red Present from Gumbo
Aurora Arc Contrail Small Square Purple Present from Sgt. Winter
Wooly Weapon Wrap Square Silver Present from Fishstick
Twinkly Weapon Wrap Long Silver Present from Fishstick
Choice Knit Emote Square Red Present from Fresh Aura
You Better Watch Out! Loading Screen Square Green and Yellow present from Gumbo
Loot In The Mountains Music Small Green Present on the Book Case
It’s Perfect! Emoticon Tall Orange Present from Fresh Aura
Bombastic Winterfest Spray Medium Square Purple Present from Sgt. Winter
Banner Icon Long Orange Present from Gumbo

Remember, you’ll get to open all of these Fortnite Winterfest gifts eventually, so there’s no need to panic if you don’t get the reward you wanted today – simply try again tomorrow!

If you’d prefer a visual guide, we’ve also marked all of the rewards on the screenshot below. The only one not featured is the Polar Peely Skin, as that’s off to the right.

All of the Winterfest Presents rewards in FortniteEpic Games
Here are all of the rewards you can get from each Winterfest present.

While you’re here, make sure you check out the fireplace for some bonus XP, too.

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How to get free Krisabelle & Polar Peely skins in Fortnite

It’s very rare that skins are given away for free in Fortnite, so most players will be looking for tips on how to get the Krisabelle and Polar Peely skins as quickly as possible – but they’re also the hardest to unlock.

Krisabelle and Polar Peely skins in FortniteEpic Games
Krisabelle and Polar Peely are available for players who open all of the presents.

In order to get the Krisabelle skin, you’ll need to claim the six presents blocking her way, so you’ll have to wait until at least Day 7 of Winterfest 2021 (that’s December 22) before you can get that skin.

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As for the Polar Peely skin, you’ll simply have to wait for the frozen ice block to thaw. Fortunately, that’s now happened, so you can claim your winter-themed Peely skin any time you like.

What’s the final present going to be?

Following hours of server downtime on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, many players noticed they had been given a spare token for one extra present, despite already opening every present at Crackshot’s Cabin.

Epic have confirmed in a tweet that they’ll be giving an update soon on what the extra present will be, teasing that they’ll also be helping players “make up for lost time” following the outage.

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We’re keeping our fingers crossed for something Spider-Man related, especially as a glitch has been showing all presents as being ‘from MJ’ for some players – but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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