Ali-A discovers secret details about Fortnite’s new spaceship

Daniel Cleary
Ali-A and fortnite space ship

[jwplayer t8tVUPFe]Fortnite YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken has revealed hidden details about the underwater spaceship that has recently appeared on the map.

Following the introduction of a flooded map in Season 3, Fortnite has been receiving weekly map changes as the water levels are continuing to lower.

However, during some of the latest changes on July 18, it was revealed that a new spaceship had appeared underwater on the northern side of the map near Craggy Cliffs.

Fortnite island with space ship

It had been previously leaked that there was an astronaut trapped inside, who would need to be rescued in one of the upcoming challenges, and YouTuber Ali-A has now revealed some more secret details about the mysterious character and the spacecraft.

The Fortnite star revealed that Epic Games had already shared clues about the arrival of the spaceship with space-themed cosmetics hidden in the Season’s battle pass.

Season 3’s battle pass featured items such as the ‘Comet Crasher’ glider but Ali-A pointed out a tier 80 skin, Siona, who has an astronaut suit as one of her alternate styles.

“Her space theme outfit doesn’t really align with everything else, but the whole idea of space is dotted throughout the battle pass,” he explained.

He also pointed out that a loading screen in the battle pass featured Siona next to the spaceship, suggesting that it is likely how she arrived in Fortnite.

The YouTuber went into replay mode to get a better look at the spaceship and trapped astronaut, even managing to reveal a look at his face underneath the helmet.

Ali-A finding an astronaut character in fortnite

While it is unclear when the leaked challenges surrounding this astronaut will be made live, Ali-A suggested that this character could tie into “the biggest mystery of the Fortnite storyline – The Seven.”

Only three characters of the Seven have been revealed so far and Ali-A added that claimed more could be coming soon, “to find out more about these characters, space is going to have to be revisited at some point and it looks like its starting off right now.”

However, Epic Games have yet to confirm any of these rumors and will likely remain silent on these theories until it is revealed in-game.