Fortnite leak reveals major Item Shop change to pacify annoyed players

Daniel Appleford
A Shopping Cart in Fortnite Season OG

Leakers have revealed that Fortnite will be adding the Item Shop to its website, allowing players to check the item shop without logging into the game or through third-party websites. 

The Item Shop update comes after multiple reported changes, including setting timers for cosmetics to avoid impulse purchases. Fortnite has been criticized in the past for potentially exploiting children with predatory in-game shop mechanics.

According to the leak, the complete Fortnite Item Shop will be available on the official Fortnite website, which currently only lists the Battle Pass, news, and other discovery opportunities.

These leaks were discovered in the source code of Epic Games, where the item shop was mentioned directly with the addition of, leading to the discovery of a new method of purchasing items.

With the addition of the Item Shop to the Fortnite website, players can purchase cosmetics without using a computer or other console. 

The addition of the Item Shop to the official Fortnite website could potentially mark the end of third-party websites that used to display it for players to take a peek at the cosmetic offerings conveniently.

The majority of the community was excited upon hearing about these changes, as it’s something that they have either wanted to see for awhile or a surprise quality-of-life update to the game.

“I can finally leave my room and buy things while touching grass,” said one X user

“Didn’t ask for it, but won’t complain about it. This is hot,” said another user

The date the Item Shop will come to Fortnite’s website and its upcoming changes are unknown. However, Fortnite is about to head into yet another season starting on May 24, which could leave an opening for these changes.