New Grimace Birthday Meal at McDonald’s has social media in a frenzy

Meera Jacka
McDonald's character Grimace celebrates his birthdayTwitter: McDonald's

Social media is running amok as Mcdonald’s celebrates Grimace’s birthday with a new limited-time meal. Now that the iconic fast food character has proper lore, customers just aren’t sure what to think.

Introduced in November 1971, Grimace is the purple McDonald’s monster starring as the internet’s latest sensation.

The fast-food chain just rolled out a new ‘Grimace birthday meal’ to celebrate the monster’s alleged birthday on June 12. And how did people respond? With plenty of unhinged memes and alarming lore of course!

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Grimace’s bizarre rise to fame began on June 5, when the official McDonald’s account tweeted a terrifying close-up of the monster.

The tweet was captioned “I have [surprise] on 6/6 txt me 707-932-4826”.

Unsurprisingly, users of the platform were quick to make filthy responses to the purple monster’s unexpected reappearance.

Twitter went wild as users shared hilariously concerning tweets, resulting in some terrifying lore that McDonald’s surely didn’t anticipate.

From the purple shake resulting in pregnancy, to Grimace sending unsolicited explicit photos — Twitter has it all.

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And of course, TikTok wasn’t far behind, where Grimace has already been dubbed as “mother”.

A video posted on the account ‘ugh_madison’ showed the user trying the new meal in a hilarious DIY cosplay of the character.

The caption states, “Grimace tastes so good.”

One comment responding to the TikTok stated, “I named my chronic hemorrhoid grimace.”

McDonald’s PR team seems to be loving the internet’s take on Grimace, joining in on the fun themselves, even finding a way to spin it for a post about the 10th anniversary of The Last of Us.

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To celebrate the internet sensation’s birthday with a purple shake, pop by a participating McDonald’s while stocks last.

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