McDonald’s Canada launches new fries with a sweet twist

Maddy Kinkead
McDonald's shaker fries

McDonald’s Canada is launching two new takes on the McShaker fries. One, is a spicy masala flavoring, and the other is a sweet churro flavoring.

These ‘globally-inspired’ flavors are available to order from now until June 3, and provide an inventive twist on the iconic McDonald’s fries.

McShaker fries were first launched in Hong Kong in 2005, and are part of the menu across Europe and Asia, and now they’ve landed in Canada.

McShaker fries are similar to the regular McDonald’s fries but come in a large paper bag with seasoning on the side that is designed to be poured into the bag and shaken to coat the fries. In Hong Kong, you can even get them with seaweed seasoning.

McDonald's McShaker fries
These new fries put a spicy and sweet twist on a classic.

The masala-flavored ones that are now available in Canada come with a seasoning made up of cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, cayenne pepper, and garlic to create an authentic curry taste.

The more out-there churro seasoning is packed full of cocoa, sugar, and cinnamon for a sweet twist on the classic saltiness of the fries.

When a popular food blogger @snackolator announced that these were being released, McDonald’s fans in the US were begging to try these, with some people even tagging McDonald’s and asking them if they were ‘allergic to releasing good food in America.’

However, one review of these fries said that they were fun to shake, but that the masala seasoning was lacking spice, and the churro one just tasted like normal fries with a hint of sugar.

McDonald’s fans are no strangers to mixing their fries with something sweet though, and people have been dipping their fries into McFlurries for years, so these ‘dessert fries’ could be a great take on that flavor combo.

US McDonald’s fans do have something to be happy about, as their grandma-themed McFlurry is taking the internet by storm.

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