McDonald’s brings back limited-edition pie and customers are hyped

Lauren Lewis
McDonald's dessert

McDonald’s customers are looking forward to the return of a classic dessert item that’s got everyone salivating.

The menu item in question first appeared back in July 2023, when it was released in select locations across the country. Now, the Cookies & Creme Pie is once again available across the US.

The treat mixes chocolate sandwich cookie pieces, fluffy vanilla crème filling and a chocolate cookie crumb crust. It’s basically an Oreo cookie in pie form.

Popular food blogger, snackolator, posted about the dessert’s return, and gave a little review of the item:

“I had this last year and thought it was good and was even better with some McDonald’s ice cream – it would be a great McFlurry with this mixed in and some fudge on top!”

The food blogger revealed that it has been spotted at certain McDonald’s locations already, and will only run for a limited time, so make sure to call up your local store to see if they have it.

After the post was made, people were excited to see its return, writing: “I loved this last year!”

“I hope they come nationwide already!” another exclaimed, while another professed that they were “So hyped for these.”

Some, however, were more eager to see McDonald’s re-release some other pies instead, writing: “So no one is gonna talk about the original fried apple pies?’

“It was mid,” someone else said about the Cookies & Creme dessert, “make the strawberry and cream pie permanent.”

This isn’t the only release we’ve gotten from McDonald’s this month. The brand also brought out a Jujutsu Kaisen-themed sauce, which is now available at all US McDonald’s locations.

As well as this, the chain also just unveiled the release of one of its smokiest ever burgers, but it won’t last long.