Krispy Kreme bring back KitKat doughnuts but only for a limited time

Lauren Lewis
KitKat Krispy Kreme collab

Krispy Kreme is bringing back its ever-popular KitKat candy-themed doughnuts, but they won’t last long. 

Krispy Kreme is known for its creative doughnut collabs. In May, it teamed up with country superstar Dolly Parton to bring out a collection called ‘Southern Sweets.’

Then, back in April, it announced that it was bringing out a new Pokemon collection, featuring Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Diglett-flavored doughnuts.

But perhaps one of the biggest candy-based collaborations came when Krispy Kreme teamed up with candy bar brand KitKat earlier this year, to bring out three new KitKat-inspired treats. Now, much to customers’ excitement, Krispy Kreme is returning the collab to menus for a limited time. 

Krispy Kreme doughnut box
Krispy Kreme is also giving away free doughnuts throughout July

As a reminder, the KitKat-themed doughnuts include:

  • KitKat Crunch Doughnut – An Original Glazed doughnut hand-dipped in rich Hershey’s Milk Chocolate icing, and topped with chopped-up KitKat pieces and chocolate-flavored crispies.
  • KitKat Cookie Dream Filled Doughnut – An unglazed doughnut filled with cookie dough flavored Kreme, hand-dipped in Hershey’s Milk Chocolate icing and finished with chopped KitKat pieces, cookie crumbles, and semi-sweet Hershey’s chips with a drizzle of cookie dough icing.
  • KitKat Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut – An Original Glazed doughnut topped with brownie batter flavored buttercreme, topped with chopped KitKat and brownie pieces, and finished with salted caramel flavored ribbons.

The limited edition KitKat doughnuts will return to menus on July 8 and will be available to purchase for one week only. 

If you want to pick up one of the limited-edition KitKat releases free of charge, Krispy Kreme is giving away doughnuts to customers every Tuesday throughout July. To grab the KitKat variety, download the Krispy Kreme app to become a member, or visit on Tuesday July 9.