Domino’s reveals major menu shakeup with three new loaded fries

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domino's loaded fries in the UKInstagram: dominos_uk

Domino’s unveiled a new trio of loaded fries being sold exclusively in the UK.

While Domino’s stores in the US have already been graced with loaded tater tots, the UK is about to get a whole other spin on the idea as UK locations will soon sell loaded fries.

There will be three different variations of the hefty side, and the Director of Food Innovation for Domino’s couldn’t be more excited.

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Though there isn’t an exact date, UK customers can expect a release before Christmas.

Here are all the details about Domino’s new loaded fries.

What type of loaded fries does Domino’s offer?

Currently, Domino’s is planning to sell three types of loaded fries, including Cheeseburger, Pepperoni Passion, and Double Bacon & Cheese.

The Cheeseburger fries will consist of ground beef, pickles, tomatoes, cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Domino’s exclusive burger sauce.

As for the Pepperoni Passion fries, they will be loaded with pepperoni, cheese sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

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Meanwhile, the Double Bacon & Cheese fries will offer cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, and double the bacon.

Domino’s representative reacts to the release of loaded fries

Louise Pilkington, Director of Food Innovation for Domino’s not only regarded the new loaded fries as a “massive hit,” but also said the Cheeseburger variation was his favorite. 

Pilkington additionally explained how the loaded fries came about, saying, “After a little bit of experimenting, our new range loads delicious toppings like cheese, bacon, and of course our iconic pepperoni onto our golden fries.”

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When will Domino’s launch their loaded fries in the UK?

Sources have reported that the new loaded fries from Domino’s will launch before Christmas.

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