How to get free “emergency” pizza from Dominos

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Dominos PizzaDominos/Unsplash: Pablo Pacheco

Domino’s Pizza is giving away a free “emergency” medium two-topping pizza for “when you need it the most.” Here’s everything we know about how to get one yourself.

When it comes to pizza chains in the US, Domino’s is among the top options nationwide thanks to their easily accessible six-dollar menu.

They often run deals on top of that, including ways to earn free food with your order.

The company’s most recent marketing tactic is giving away a free “emergency” pizza that they say will be there to enjoy whenever you need it the most.

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Here’s everything we know about the deal, including how to get one yourself.

How to get free Dominos pizza

In a press release published by the company, it details the promotion as well as how to get one for yourself.

“Why did we launch Domino’s Emergency Pizza? With so much uncertainty in everyday life, we believe everyone needs a pizza pick-me-up at some point! The hardest part may just be deciding when to use your Emergency Pizza,” said Domino’s Kate Trumbull.

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Here’s how to get one for yourself until February 11, 2024:

  • Place a delivery online, or a digital carryout order of $7.99 or more. After making the order, you’ll earn Domino’s Emergency Pizza.
  • Sign in or join Domino’s Rewards within seven days of your order.
  • Under “My Deals & Rewards,” you’ll see the free Emergency Pizza offer.
Dominos Free PizzaDominos

You must redeem your Free Emergency Pizza within 30 days of earning it. There are days when Domino’s won’t let you redeem the offer, however.

  • October 31, 2023 (Halloween)
  • December 31, 2023 (New Year’s Eve)
  • February 11, 2023 (The final day of the offer)

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