Joe Rogan explains why he takes testosterone supplements

Calum Patterson
Joe Rogan speaking on his podcast

Joe Rogan’s diet and lifestyle is often the subject of scrutiny from his millions of fans, as his JRE podcast regularly puts a focus on personal wellbeing. He has now explained why he supplements testosterone, citing the myriad health benefits it apparently gives.

The podcaster and UFC commentator has been very open about his personal health journey, documenting his meat-only diet, which he is now back on – despite the side-effects he reported in 2020.

He’s now also delved into another unique aspect of his diet, which includes supplements for testosterone. Speaking with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe in his Spotify podcast, Rogan cited age as one of the primary reasons.

Joe Rogan in podcast studio
Joe Rogan is back on his Carnivore diet in January 2021.

“As you get older, your body is going to produce less hormones. You can either accept that, which many people do,  you can be embarrassed about wanting to replenish your hormones, as many people are,” Rogan starts.

“[People] are embarrassed about admitting it, they’re embarrassed about discussing it, they want to dismiss the idea they would ever do it.”

His reasoning for taking these supplements is “really simple,” pointing to the fact that many “jacked doctors” he had spoken to recommended it.

“It’s really simple – I want my body to work better, I want it to perform better,” Rogan continued. “So I talked to doctors, and I like to talk to jacked doctors. The doctors that I know, that work in hormone replacement, they’re all like in their 60s, and they look like they’re in their 40s.”

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But, it’s not as straightforward as simply adding in supplements to your existing diet. Rogan explains that there are a number of important checks to be completed first.

“First, you go to a really good doctor, you get your bloodwork monitored, you find out what your hormone levels are right now. First thing they do is adjust your nutrition, they want to make sure you’re eating healthy food.”

In addition to diet, the amount of sleep you get is also crucial in the determination of hormone supplements. At 53 years old, Rogan’s lifestyle is perhaps testament to the success the supplementation of hormones is having.

He explains that he is still weight lifting regularly, and attends kickboxing classes. “When I was a kid, 53-year-olds were barely alive,” he concludes.

Joe’s podcast episodes are now exclusively available on Spotify, although he does upload small segments to his YouTube channel, where he still boasts over 10 million subscribers. His move to Spotify is still drawing the ire of some regular listeners though, who are letting him know all about it.