Pictomancer immediately tops DPS charts in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Liam Ho
FFXIV Pictomancer class image

Pictomancer, the newest job introduced into Final Fantasy XIV during Dawntrail has swiftly surged up to the top of the DPS charts, beating out all others.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail has just been released onto the live servers. The new expansion brings a tonne of content to the game including a new main scenario questline, two new jobs of Viper and Pictomancer, six new zones, a new graphical update, and plenty more.

Many fans of the MMORPG have gone through the story, progressing to the end and unlocking other content like role quests, grabbing their free fantasia, and testing out the new jobs on offer.

More hardcore players have been quick to jump into the extreme difficulty trials, which are retellings of the boss fight on a harder scale. Many of these players have noticed one distinct detail, that the Pictomancer class is dealing ridiculously high amounts of damage.

As pointed out by well-known speed clearer Peridot, Pictomancer is absolutely decimating other jobs when it comes to top DPS in both the first and second extremes. While there’s a Monk and a Reaper both in the top 10, the rest are entirely Pictomancers, clearly indicating the sheer power of the class.

What makes this even more surprising is that Pictomancer was originally teased to be a more supportive class. The class has even beaten out Black Mage, which was known as the highest DPS caster before it.

Reaper had a similar issue when it was released back in Endwalker, with the devs nerfing a small amount of its utility and making other changes so that it’d fall more in line with the rest of the classes.

The devs have yet to say what the plans are for balancing Pictomancer with the other classes, but it’s likely we’ll see some pretty hefty adjustments in the near future before the savage tier drops.