Every Magical DPS change coming in FFXIV: Dawntrail

Liam Ho

FFXIV’s Dawntrail is swiftly rounding the corner. With the introduction of Pictomancer comes changes to other existing magic DPS jobs, including the ability to move Ley Lines and much more.

Dawntrail is the next expansion coming to Final Fantasy XIV. It includes a new MSQ, dungeons, raids, and classes, meaning there’s plenty to look forward to.

Also included is a new level cap of 100, which means jobs are receiving new quality-of-life updates and much more. Want to know what’s changing with Magic DPS in Dawntrail? We’ve got you covered.


The major change coming to all Magic DPS classes is that Swiftcast is having its cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds in the level 90s range. Additionally, Addle’s duration is going up to 15 seconds in Dawntrail, which will match melee’s Feint and other tank mitigation.

Black Mage

Black Mage is having an interesting change made to Umbral Ice. Now, instead of restoring MP over time, landing ice spells while Umbral Ice is active will restore MP. This means Black Mages will not be able to regenerate mana while not attacking enemies.

Black Mage’s Ley Lines are getting a massive upgrade in Dawntrail with a new ability to move them beneath the caster.


Summoner has gotten a new summon in the form of Solar Bahamut. This new primal is akin to Bahamut and Phoenix.

Searing Light is also getting a buff, which allows it to cast a new action after it has been executed.

Red Mage

Red Mage’s Manafication will no longer increase Black and White Mana by 50. Instead, it will allow for the execution of the enchanted swordplay actions without cost. This, like the other changes to Reaper and Machinist, lets Red Mages not over cap as often, a nice buff to their quality of life.

The AoE version of the enchanted swordplay combo will now consume 50 Black Mana and 50 White Mana, which makes it equivalent to its single-target counterpart.


Pictomancer is the new Magical DPS class added in Dawntrail. Wielding a paintbrush, the Pictomancer will draw and create motifs to buff and deal damage. Rendering multiple motifs will allow them to execute high-powered attacks.

Pictomancer will be a more supportive class in general, which means their damage will be lower than that of a Black Mage.