Final Fantasy XVI: What are the Mothercrystals

Rishov Mukherjee
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The world of Final Fantasy XVI is filled with mysteries and Mothercrystals are probably the biggest one amongst them. Here is what we know about Mothercrystals in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is a massive game and at every point, you will come across mysteries that you will struggle to understand. As such, one of the mysteries you will encounter in your journey through this game is the Mothercrystals.

These are powerful objects that serve a very important purpose in the world-building of Final Fantasy XVI. Even though the game has just been released, we have some conclusive answers on what these objects are.

A brief account and the importance of these Mothercrystals have been discussed in the following section.

A screenshot of Cid from Final Fantasy XVI
Mothercrystals are primordial objects that allow the usage of magic

What are Mothercrystals in Final Fantasy XVI?

Mothercrystals are primordial objects in the world of Final Fantasy XVI. These are giant crystals that can be found in Valisthea and they bless the inhabitants of this world with the power of aether. If you are wondering, aether is the object that allows you to perform magic in Final Fantasy XVI.

All kinds of magic, no matter how big or small, is dependent on aether and it is obtained from the Mothercrystals. These Mothercrystals are spread all across Valisthea and can be found in the eastern continent of Ash and the western continent of Storm.

The 6 nations namely Rosaria, Iron Kingdom, Sanbreque, Dhalmekian Republic, Crystalline Dominion, and Waoled have all developed around the Mothercrystals. As the website of the game states, all the nations lived in peace for a while harnessing the power of the Mothercrystals.

However, that peace seems to be faltering and war has started to engulf Valisthea.

This concludes our guide for Mothercrystals in Final Fantasy XVI. If you found it informative, please look into some of our other Final Fantasy XVI guides at Dexerto.

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