FFXIV lead dev Yoshi-P agrees with Asmongold’s viral “Redditor” take on Alphinaud

Lauren Bergin
Final Fantasy elf boy casts spells and throws knives as camera
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Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, better known as Yoshi-P, has agreed with Twitch star Asmongold that FFXIV’s Alphinaud is, in fact, a Redditor. 

There are few devs that have attracted such a cult following as Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida. Affectionately known as Yoshi-P, Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Director and Producer has won the hearts of FFXIV fans all across Eorzea.

Just as popular is Twitch sensation Asmongold, who has also become a household name for fans of the title. Stunning skeptics far and wide with his insane FFXIV Twitch stats, he has cemented himself as one of the game’s most prominent streamers.

Alphinaud, the Warrior of Light’s Scion companion, hasn’t exactly been Asmon’s favorite character throughout his playthrough, though, with the OTK owner constantly referring to him as a “Redditor.” It turns out that Yoshi-P happens to be on the same page.

FFXIV Alphinaud and his sister stand beside warrior of light in a fiery battle
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Alphinaud and his sister, Alisaie, are at the core of the Warrior of Light’s story whether you like it or not.

FFXIV’s Yoshi-P calls Alphinaud a “Redditor”

In an October 13 interview with For The Win, Yoshi-P did a deep dive into the title’s newest expansion, Endwalker. As the current story arc comes to a close, it seems pretty logical that we’ll lose some of the Scions along the way.

For Yoshi-P, though, Alphinaud will always have a place in his heart. “I don’t have any siblings,” he states, “so Alphinaud is like a younger brother to me. He’s studious, great at his studies, but he’s also passionate about bringing peace to the world.”

“Alphinaud talks so much. He’d be like that kid that posts on Reddit about his ideals,” he continues. ““He would absolutely be a Redditor. He’d be on [Reddit] shouting about how the world should be. Once he made it to Ishgard, however, he moved on from being a Redditor. Though I think he still lurks to see what everyone else is saying.”

This sentiment mirrors Asmongold’s, who, upon meeting him for the first time in-game, deduced that “this guy posts on Reddit. This guy 100% has a Reddit account… This is a Redditor.” Turns out that the name has stuck!

While one might argue that great minds think alike, poor Alphinaud probably wouldn’t be jumping in to agree this time around. One thing’s clear, though: while he may etch himself into the history books because of his devotion to the Scions, he’ll always be FFXIV’s resident Redditor at heart.