When does FUT Champs start in FIFA 21? Weekend League schedule

Connor Bennett
FUT Champs logo with FIFA 21 logo

The start of the FIFA 21 year means another season of FUT Champs, but when will it finally get underway? Well, here’s everything we know.

When it comes to facing off against the best of the best in FIFA Ultimate Team, you can grind your way through Division Rivals to reach Division 1. That’ll give some bragging rights, as well as rewards, but you’ll want to higher – specifically, FUT Champs. 

FUT Champs, or Weekend League as it’s known to many, gives you the chance to grind through 30 games while playing against the cream of the crop on your chosen console. 

With the FIFA 21 year underway thanks to EA Play and early access, some fans have been asking when FUT Champs will get underway again. So, here’s what we know so far. 

FUT Champs is where the best FIFA players go head-to-head.

FIFA 21 FUT Champs Weekend League start date

Some players might have expected the FUT Champs Weekend League to start during the EA Play early access period but as we’ve seen, that isn’t the case. 

Instead, it is believed that EA will bring back the Weekend League when FIFA 21 is available to everyone. That should mean that the first round of FUT Champs starts on Friday, October 9

If it doesn’t get underway on that weekend, EA might be giving everyone a week or so to get to grips. That would mean that the FUT Champs Weekend League starts a week later on Friday, October 16, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Kylian Mbappe laying down in FIFA 21
FIFA 21 is here, but FUT Champs isn’t just yet.

FUT Champs Weekend League rewards in FIFA 21

EA are keeping the 30 games system in place for FIFA 21, but they have already confirmed one big change to FUT Champs as they’ve expanded the Top 100 to Top 200. 

That means that you’ve got more chance of getting the top tier rewards if you can prove you’re a part of the elite club of FIFA players.

How to qualify for FUT Champs in FIFA 21?

Don’t worry about changes to qualifying for FUT Champs, either, the formula that you know and love will be sticking around. 

You’ve got to rack up 2,000 points through Division Rivals games and then trade that in for access to the Weekend League. Get a high enough rank in FUT Champs and you’ll be able to stick around for automatic qualification. 

As noted, the start date for the first round of FUT Champs isn’t yet confirmed, and it’s based on speculation right now. 

Once that changes, we’ll update this piece, but you can also find the latest news and updates about FIFA 21 over on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.