Should Ultimate Team tournaments return in FIFA 20?

David Purcell

Ultimate Team players have been split right down the middle after FIFA 20 players suggested that EA SPORTS should bring back a feature from the past. 

The popular game mode has all sorts of different ways to play included in it now, with Rivals, Squad Battles, FUT Draft, FUT Champions Weekend League and, of course, online friendlies all at the disposal of players.

It’s fair to say that the mode hasn’t been given as positive reviews as we’ve seen in recent years, though, with some professional players arguing that the gameplay is too slow, not to mention issues with rewards, SBCs and more that have taken a while to resolve.

FIFA 20 FUT menu
FIFA Ultimate Team mode has a number of different ways to play, but could it be better?

While there’s certainly variety in the game mode, it appears that there’s a growing sense of demand for developers to shake up the pack and bring something back that long-time fans of the franchise will more than likely remember.

In a post to the FIFA subreddit on January 30, Reddit user bryamcheaky called for the return of Ultimate Team’s Tournaments, with the idea receiving an overwhelming embrace by other players.

“Bring back tournaments EA. This was sick,” they posted alongside an image of a FIFA 16 FUTTIES tournament image.

Should tournaments come back?

Tournaments of all different varieties have been included in FIFA games over the years, with the more old-school versions forcing fans into making a specific type of team in order to enter.

In the case of FUTTIES, there were a number of upgraded pink cards that could be won by reigning victorious in the tournaments, as seen with the 91 Reus, 89 Aubameyang and 86 Konoplyanka cards above – with the Ukrainian previously having 95 pace. Fast forward a few years and he has just 81.

Not all tournaments were online though, with quite a number of having their rewards altered for offline play, giving players who just want to grind against the computer a chance to take part always. The online events were always much more lucrative, though.

Van Dijk sliding in for a tackle in FIFA 20
Do you want to see online tournaments come back in FIFA 20?

A community divided

Another tournament that was introduced for competitors to qualify for the Weekend League required four straight wins and was not as popular, it must be said, with many responding to the Reddit thread to reject the idea of tournaments coming back altogether.

One Reddit user said: “These were fun cause they were optional. The tourneys where you had to win to qualify for WL were brutal.”

FIFA 15 requirements for St. Patrick's Day tournament
The St. Patrick’s Day tournament and others were very popular in Ultimate Team, but no longer run.

However, that same optimism wasn’t shared by everybody. Another posted: “Are you guys going to post this every year? This tournament was hated by the community because you had a few tries to win it and the sweat was unbearable. It wasn’t sick. It was frustrating and disgusting.”

“I never understand what “community” EA are listening to, as no one likes this new patch,” another commenter said. “I used to love the St Paddy’s Day tournament, Silver tournaments etc.”

There’s no doubt that the likes of the St. Patrick’s Day tournament, and those similar to it, would be much more positively received as a limited-time event – with a blend of offline and online made available.

However, there has been no indication that EA plans to bring online tournaments back any time soon. For those who want to see them come back, the wait goes on. Whether they should come back or not, though, does seem to be splitting opinion.

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