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RunTheFUTMarket explains why TOTSSF Zaha isn’t worth his price

Published: 28/Apr/2020 14:31

by Jacob Hale


FIFA YouTuber Nick ‘RunTheFUTMarket’ Bartels has explained why Team of the Season So Far Wilfried Zaha isn’t worth his huge price tag, despite being a great player to have in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

Team of the Season So Far – more commonly abbreviated as TOTSSF – released late in April, celebrating the incredible performances of the world’s best footballers up to this point in the season across all different leagues and nations.

One of the players to receive a TOTSSF card in the Community Vote team is Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha, with a hugely boosted 92-rating that brings him level with some of FIFA’s top talent.


The FIFA 20 community’s TOTSSF squad sees some major upgrades to the world’s top talent.

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After buying Zaha’s fresh upgrade, Bartels talks viewers through some of his stats, including huge boosts to his positioning, vision, finishing, and passing, among other things, before jumping into a game.

As usual, Nick played a dominant game, showing some of his – and Zaha’s – highlights that included 7 goals in just three games, clearly capable of performing well for the side.

However, after playing a few games with him, RunTheFUTMarket suggested that Zaha isn’t really worth the 835,000 coins he paid, saying he’s “more of a 500-600,000 card” due to his 3-star weak foot and because “his first touch is a little weird.”


(Timestamp 10:36 for mobile viewers)

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He does say that Zaha is better than some other Premier League strikers, such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Headliners card, but that he would opt for the likes of Son Heung Min’s 91-rated Team of the Week Moments card despite its bigger price tag.

Bartels also explains the price is hard to justify due to Zaha’s poor chemistry links, unless you have an entire Premier League team, because you could use the same amount of coins to pick up a Gold Neymar and Gold Mbappe, both of which are as good as or better than Zaha and will have better links, too.


Over time, Zaha’s price might start to drop as players realize he isn’t as valuable as the current price tag suggests, but for now, we advise listening to RunTheFUTMarket and investing your coins elsewhere.