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How to claim FIFA 20’s Twitch Prime TOTSSF rewards

Published: 28/Apr/2020 9:22

by Connor Bennett


FIFA 20 players have got the chance to get their hands on some free Ultimate Team packs and TOTSSF cards – and all you’re required to do is have a Twitch Prime account linked to the platform you play on.

Opening packs upon packs in FIFA Ultimate Team is the easiest way to get your hands on the new type of cards that drop every so often – but you can rack up quite the bill if you use FIFA Points.

You can grind in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, weekly and daily challenges as well as FUT Champs Weekend League to grab some free packs. Though, you will be playing a lot of games just in the hopes of getting maybe three or four packs. So, when there is an easier way to get free packs, why not grab it?


You can grab some of the Community TOTSSF players for free.

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Of course, we’re talking about Twitch Prime packs. Just like games, FIFA has jumped aboard the Twitch Prime rewards trains and fans can benefit every so often with free packs. 

We’ve already had Twitch Prime packs for the Winter Refresh promo as well as the FUT Champions Cup, but now there are Team of the Season So Far players up for grabs. Well, one seven-game loan player to be exact.

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Even though the TOTSFF player might only be a loan, you are still guaranteed an 82+ overall as well and you don’t even have to put that much legwork in. Just follow the simple steps below. 


  1. Connect your Twitch account to an Amazon Prime account
  2. Connect your EA SPORTS account to that Twitch account
  3. Head over to the Twitch Prime crown on the top-right of the page
  4. Claim the rewards from there

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Unlike previous promos, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for your Twitch Prime pack to appear in your store. Claim the rewards, wait a few minutes, then restart FIFA, and they should be all yours.

If the luck is on your side and you end up with something nice, let us know on Twitter by tweeting us @UltimateTeamUK.