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Sergio Aguero hits out at EA over ‘pay-to-win’ FIFA Ultimate Team packs

Published: 27/Apr/2020 12:57 Updated: 27/Apr/2020 13:09

by Jacob Hale


Manchester City star Sergio Agüero has taken a subtle jab at EA SPORTS over packs in FIFA Ultimate Team, suggesting that the only way to get a good team in the game is by putting your card in and buying FIFA Points.

Since the Premier League was put on hiatus due to the ongoing global health crisis, Agüero, like many other sportsmen the world over, has taken to livestreaming his gaming endeavors, particularly on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

We’ve seen the very impressive team that he uses in-game and he has provided for some funny moments, but now he’s shown himself to be much more similar to regular FIFA players than perhaps expected, as he hits out at Ultimate Team packs.

Agüero’s form has been rewarded many times in FIFA.

Playing with fellow Argentine and Boca Juniors player Eduardo Salvio, the Premier League legend explained how his national teammate can get himself a good team.

Though they spoke in Spanish, Redditor josesaabz was on hand to translate exactly what was said. “If you want to get colorful cards you’ve got to go to FIFA Points and put your card in mate, to buy packs,” Aguero started. “It is like that, don’t expect something from EA SPORTS because they won’t give you anything. If they gave me those 2 cards just imagine what they’ll give you.”

Although he doesn’t say it in as many words, it’s clear Agüero believes that the only real way of getting a good team is simply by paying for packs and hoping luck is on your side – which isn’t ideal.

Kun Agüero while talking to Salvio: “Put your credit card in mate, don’t expect something from EA because they won’t give you anything” from r/FIFA

In a funny follow-up, Jose also said that earlier in the week, Agüero had been complaining that EA hadn’t sent him his 99-rated card yet, despite the fact that he had been streaming FIFA for a while at that point.

Allegedly, City’s leading scorer has also said that EA gave Vinicius his 99 card because they favor Real Madrid – with Eden Hazard gracing the FIFA 20 cover as proof.

There’s no doubt that Aguero joins many others in thinking that there may be some ‘pay-to-win’ elements in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – but it’s probably a little easier for him to work around than most FIFA players.


How to complete Moise Kean Silver Stars Objectives in FIFA 21

Published: 28/Oct/2020 22:19

by Nate Searl


A new Silver Stars Objectives card is available in FIFA 21 and it features Moise Kean, the Italian from PSG. Here’s how you can complete the requirements and earn the special item for yourself. 

You might be asking yourself: Why would I care about a silver card? This week’s Silver Star isn’t just any other silver card: it’s Moise Kean from PSG, one that a lot of FUT fans have their eyes on.

Since Kean plays for PSG, he gets a perfect chemistry link with popular players like Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappe. He’s already causing stirs on the FIFA 21 FUT Transfer Market, according to u/I_FEEL_LIKE_POGBA on Reddit, who is claiming that a lot of “meta” silver players are going up in cost.

Meta Silver Players market is through the roof from FIFA

Silver Stars Kean: In-Game stats

Kean Silver Stars FIFA 21
Kean has excellent stats for a silver card

As you can see, Kean has excellent stats for a silver striker. His 83 Acceleration and 85 Sprint Speed will both jump up to 93 and 95 with a Hunter Chemistry Style. He also has solid shooting stats. His biggest weakness is that he only has a 3-star weak foot and 3-star skill moves. This definitely hurts him when compared to other top tier strikers in FUT.

How to complete the Silver Stars objective

The Silver Stars objective requires you to play matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge. This means you will need a team with all silver players, which is why he’s causing popular silver cards to go up in price on the market.

To play in the Silver Lounge, you need to navigate to “friendlies” where you can find the “play online” option. The Silver Lounge will be the first option here, and you will need to complete three tasks to complete the objective:

  • Win 3 matches
  • Score 8 goals
  • Assist on 6 goals
FIFA 21 Kean Silver Stars
The Silver Stars objective in FIFA 21 for Moise Kean

Why you should get Kean

Aside from being an all-around solid card, you can also use Kean to help you complete other objectives and earn packs. Completing The Silver Beasts objective will award you a Rare Mega Pack, with 30 cards and 18 rares.

To complete The Silver Beasts, you need to score 10 goals with a silver Team of the Week player and Kean is a perfect choice. He will also help you out with the rest of the tasks in The Silver Beasts objective.

Of course, if you are a free-to-play player and don’t have a team stacked with high-rated players, Kean could come in handy as a striker. His stats are great for his overall rating, and he’s bound to get some play even at the higher ratings in Division Rivals.