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NepentheZ explains why the FIFA 20 Modric SBC is “outrageous value”

Published: 8/Jun/2020 10:31

by Joe Craven


Popular FIFA YouTuber Craig ‘NepentheZ’ Douglas has explained why the brand new Luka Modric Flashback SBCs in FIFA 20 are such good value, claiming that he is a phenomenal midfielder available at a mid-tier price. 

A number of FIFA 20 fans have commended EA for their recent SBC additions, claiming they are becoming far better value for coins. The recent Danny Ings TOTSSF Moments card, for example, has been praised for being one of the PL’s best forwards, available at just 250k.

The Modric SBC, like a number of FIFA 20’s most recent SBCs, has a basic and premium version of the Croatian midfielder. The first is an impressive 93 OVR CM, while the second comes in at a mind-blowing 96 OVR.


Away from the card’s impressive stats, it is a remarkably simple SBC to complete. Only requiring to squads, they can both be completed for roughly 210,000 coins. The 93 OVR Modric, on the other hand, can be completed for just 80,000 coins. 

“That is exceptional, exceptional value,” Douglas said, after having a look at the Premium Modric’s mind-blowing stats. “Right, before we build it and complete it, because I am going to build it and complete it, that is just an SBC that is too good to be true.”

NepentheZ ultimately argued that the card should cost nearer to half a million coins, as opposed to the 200,000(ish) it currently costs. Not only are its stats incredible, but it can be linked with a host of top-tier defenders, like Eder Militao or Diego Carlos.


“You can fault this [SBC],” he summarized. However, he then turned his attention to why EA are giving such a good player for such a low price, and suggested that it’s because FIFA 20 is rapidly approaching the end of its life-cycle.

“The reason why I think we’re getting these cards and getting them so cheap,” he said, “is because EA are fully aware that this game is as good as done, right? People are playing their last weekend league ever… the only way EA are now from this point onwards gonna be able to get people back on the game is by offering too good to be true content.”


While NepentheZ is probably correct, and EA are offering exceptional value SBCs to get players back playing FIFA, it still means that fans are able to get some truly incredible cards for significantly lower prices.

Compare Modric to some other La Liga midfielders, and the bargain becomes even clearer. Frenkie De Jong TOTSSF currently sells for upwards of 500,000 coins and Nabil Fekir will set players back 310,000. Modric, at 200,000, is a snip, as NepentheZ is keen to emphasise.