Huge Gorilla explains why FUT Birthday Rashford is a “total ripoff”

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Manchester United’s golden boy Marcus Rashford was one of the headliners for FIFA 20’s latest Ultimate Team promo, FUT Birthday, but while many are celebrating his 90-rated upgrade, Spencer ‘Huge Gorilla’ Ealing isn’t convinced.

FIFA 20’s newly-released FUT Birthday promo featured big names like  Kylian Mbappe, Eden Hazard, and Antoine Griezmann, but it was popular Premier League striker Rashford many tipped as a top pick in the upgraded team.

Not everyone is sold, though. After getting his hands on the boosted English forward’s new card, YouTube star Huge Gorilla took him for a spin in the Weekend League. After 30 games, Ealing has dubbed the card a “total ripoff.”

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Marcus Rashford's mega-Birthday upgrade is wowing many, but not Huge Gorilla.EA Sports
Marcus Rashford’s mega-Birthday upgrade is wowing many, but not Huge Gorilla.

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“Inconsistent” Rashford not worth the coins, says Gorilla

According to Gorilla, who revealed his thoughts on Rashford’s Birthday card in his latest FUT Champs video, the English forward is just “too inconsistent” to provide the game-changing impact a multi-million coin card should bring to the team.

“I think people will disagree with me, whether you’ve used him or not… but he’s not worth 1.5 million coins, that’s a total ripoff. He’s not agile. His finishing is kind of decent, yeah, but he’s inconsistent with that as well,” the YouTube star explained.

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“1.5 to 1.6 million coins is what I paid for him. For that, I’m expecting something really good from that. He doesn’t offer me anything different to an 89 Kylian Mbappe [the French star’s base gold card]. Nothing made me say ‘oh my god’.”

Screenshot via Huge Gorilla, YouTube
Huge Gorilla played Rashford’s 91-rated card at left CAM in this star-studded squad.

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Would Rashford work better as a pure ST?

Gorilla did admit his positional choice for the United striker’s boosted card may have played a part in his “disappointment,” though. Rashford was released as a 90-rated striker, but spent Ealing’s WL run as a left-sided CAM – moving in-game. 

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There’s not a lot of difference between the two roles, to be fair. According to FIFA stats site FUTBIN, the card’s base stats rank at 87 as a ST, and 86 as a CAM. In Huge Gorilla’s eyes, there shouldn’t be a big difference.

“He has five-star weak foot and skills, but I didn’t really see that playing him at left mid. If he was at striker, maybe he’s better; he wasn’t special enough to warrant the price tag. He was decent… but for 1.5m that’s a big no from me,” he added.

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For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 5:59 in the video below.

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Who could be a better FUT signing than Rashford?

Marcus Rashford’s FUT Birthday card may not be worth the pickup, but that doesn’t mean the whole promo is a write-off, Gorilla said. According to the YouTuber, another Premier League star is the “hidden gem” for the team.

That ‘gem’ is Newcastle’s French forward Allan Saint-Maximin. Gorilla admitted the RW card was “in the top three or four” best cards he’d used in FIFA 20. He went as far as to say it felt “the same as Neymar,” if not even better.

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Saint-Maximin is currently selling for around one million coins on Xbox, and 1.2m on PS4 and PC. If you are looking for a cheaper card, Gorilla added you could stick to FUT’s tried-and-true striker ⁠— Mbappe currently costs around 400-500k.