Zweback explains why Boateng’s Fifa 20 Flashback SBC is a ‘must-do’

Zweback was certainly impressed by Jerome Boateng's new Flashback SBC card in FIFA 20YouTube: ZwebackHD / EA Sports

YouTube star Zweback has got his hands on FIFA 20’s new Jerome Boateng Flashback card, and after playing a handful of matches with the Bayern defender’s SBC upgrade, he’s dubbed it a “must-do.”

Boateng’s new limited-edition card sees the German world champion’s FIFA card boosted from an 84-rated gold to an “elite” 91-rated Flashback. After its release on March 12, FIFA YouTuber Zweback got his hands on the new upgrade.

Despite a few dodgy moments as he got his eye in with the rare defender, Zweback was soon raving about the Bayern star’s upgrade ⁠— especially the fact the squad building challenge will last until the end of this FIFA cycle.

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EA Sports
Boateng’s Flashback SBC was released on March 11, and will be available until the end of FIFA 20.

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The first thing Zweback said stunned him about Boateng was his price. The new rare card goes for just over 300k coins on console, and a small chunk more on PC, which immediately shot him to “top tier” in the YouTuber’s eyes.

“He’s forever? That’s huge, he’s going to be there until the end of the game. Is this the first Flashback card that we’ve seen get this treatment?” he said, before adding it was a “huge dub.” “I like that there’s no expiry, that’s very good.”

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An initial rocky game with Boateng nearly shook Zweback’s faith in the German defender’s elite card though. After two or three strong tackles, the Flashback card was responsible for two goals in a row. However, things soon turned around.

“He feels decent on the ball, close dribbling feels really good,” the FIFA star said, and added Boateng was “always the first to trackback” when he lost possession.

In particular, though, the Flashback card’s “elite” 94 long passing, and the distribution that comes with that, was the standout, Zwe said. “His distribution is really good. If there’s one center-back that deserves that, it’s definitely Boateng.”

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YouTube: ZwebackHD
Zweback surrounded Boateng’s new card with some of the best Bundesliga stars FIFA coins can buy.

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There were a few concerns Zweback voiced too ⁠— the card’s 74 stamina was “relatively low” for an endgame card, and when controlled by the AI he regularly tried to pull off slide tackles ⁠— but overall the YouTuber said he was impressed.

“After that first one, Boateng had a near-perfect few games. I think he’s probably a four out of five for performances… very, very strong on the ball, and ball control was good. And that top level passing was very nice to see as well,” he said.

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“Honestly, I’m kind of regretting Hummels ⁠now, I’m kind of regretting his Flashback SBC. It wasn’t super expensive, maybe around 100k, but this Boateng is just nuts. Just make sure you do him before Team of the Season rolls around.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 12:28 in the video below.

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Boateng was awarded his Flashback upgrade to celebrate his role in the German club’s treble-winning 2012/2013 season. The German champions claimed the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and Champions League, all in the same year.

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