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Reev explains why Alex Sandro Player Moments is FIFA 20’s best left back

Published: 25/Mar/2020 5:47

by Isaac McIntyre


YouTuber Oliver ‘Reev’ Fletcher has dubbed Alex Sandro’s new 91-rated Moments SBC the “best left-back in FIFA 20,” and explained why he believes the Brazilian star’s “phenomenal” upgrade card has no equal in Ultimate Team.

EA Sports have been releasing more and more Player Moments SBCs towards the end of the FIFA 20 cycle. Recently, the FUT devs dropped one of the highest-rated left-back cards in the title yet, Alex Sandro’s Player Moments SBC.

The 91-rated Juventus defender immediately shot to the top of the left-back totem pole. Only Icon Roberto Carlos (91 and 93) and TOTY Andrew Robertson (94) are better on paper. But according to Reev, Sandro overshadows them all.

Alex Sandro now has one of the best cards in FIFA 20
EA Sports
There are barely any cards in FUT that come close to Sandro’s Player Moments SBC, Reev said.

After finishing Sandro’s squad-building challenge ⁠— currently priced at just over 530k coins ⁠— the YouTuber took him straight into a game. Immediately, Reev dubbed him “phenomenal,” and added he’s “pretty much an Icon.”

“He’s probably the best left-back you can get in the game now… who’s better? I can’t think of anyone currently better than this guy. Just look at the stats,” the Englishman said, bagging a 3–0 rage-quit win in his very first match.

In particular, Reev pointed to Sandro’s defensively-minded stats as key to his quality. With 89 interceptions and 91 tackles, the Juventus star would be a “rock at the back,” the YouTuber said. 99 stamina and 91 aggression was just icing.

Reev also suggested slapping an Anchor chemistry (+PAC, +DEF) on the Brazillian. Reev did, though, pick a Backbone style (+PAS, +DEF, +PHY), before slotting him into a Bundesliga-cross-Serie A hybrid squad.

Reev’s team around Alex Sandro (4-4-2):

  • GK ⁠— Marc-André ter Stegen (90)
  • LB ⁠— Alex Sandro (91)
  • CB ⁠— Fabio Cannavaro (87)
  • CB ⁠— Ferland Mendy (86)
  • RB ⁠— Sergio Ramos (93)
  • LM ⁠— Marco Reus (91)
  • LCDM ⁠— Birger Verstraete (88)
  • RCDM ⁠— Thomas Delany (87)
  • RM ⁠— Milot Rashica (86)
  • ST (L) ⁠— Neymar Jr. (94)
  • ST (R) ⁠— Eusébio (91)
Reev built a strong La Liga and Bundesliga hybrid for Alex Sandro
YouTube screenshot via Reev
Reev surrounded his new Alex Sandro card with some of the best Bundesliga and La Liga cards in the game.

How to get Alex Sandro’s Player Moments card

Sandro’s mega-upgrade is sticking around until the end of FIFA 20, unlike many SBCs, so the good news is you have plenty of time to polish it off.

The bad news is how costly the card is at the moment. On PC, the Serie A star’s challenge costs nearly 600k, while PlayStation and Xbox players will have to dole out around 530k to get their hands on the “phenomenal” card.

Here are the requirements for Sandro’s 91-rated SBC:


  • Brazil players: Min 1
  • Overall rating: Min 86
  • Chemistry: Min 75
  • Reward: Small rare gold players pack

Serie A TIM

  • Serie A TIM players: Min 1
  • Team of the Week players: Min 1
  • Overall rating: Min 86
  • Chemistry: Min 70
  • Reward: Rare electrum players pack

86-rated squad

  • Overall rating: Min 86
  • Chemistry: Min 75
  • Reward: Prime Mixed players pack
Alex Sandro best left back FIFA 20
EA Sports
Once you’ve finished the three challenges, you’ll be given one of the best left-backs in FIFA 20.

If you’re looking for the cheapest ways to finish these three expensive puzzles, make sure you check out our solutions guide. We’ve figured out the three easiest squads for Sandro’s squad-building challenge, so you don’t have to!

While Sandro may be out of some player’s price ranges, the new Team of the Week Moments can be a little cheaper too. Check out our predictions for the 20 upgrade In-Form cards we could see in the next Moments team, set to release March 25.


How to complete Mollet League Player objectives in FIFA 21

Published: 31/Oct/2020 0:27

by Bill Cooney


EA Sports have added a new Ligue 1 League Player card for Florent Mollet of Montpellier, and we have all the info you need to know on how to complete each required objective to grab it for yourself.

The best part about completing FUT 21 objectives is that they don’t necessarily need to cost you any coins at all, though you might need to spend something to make things go a bit easier.

Unlike SBCs — which require you to build a team and, more likely than not, purchase the players you need from the marketplace — objectives simply require you to complete certain tasks.

If you can put together a workable full starting 11 of all Ligue 1 players from cards you already own, then you could actually grab this card completely free.

Florent Molet stats

Florent Mollet stats FIFA 21
Stats for Florent Mollet’s Ligue 1 card.

An 86 OVR, Mollet’s Ligue 1 card is pretty decent, especially if you’re able to get it on the cheap. Pace, Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling are all in the mid to high 80s, making this CAM worthy of consideration if you need some help at midfield.

Remember he is an attacking midfielder, so don’t rely on his 55 Defense to stop more than the weakest of attacks. The defending we can look past, but a low 69 Physicality is also another factor to consider.

League Player Objectives

There are five objectives to complete in order to unlock this card, and all of them have to be done with a full starting 11 of Ligue 1 players as well:

  • Ligue 1 wins: Win 15 matches using only Ligue 1 players in the starting 11 in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.
  • Scoring prowess: Score 30 goals using Ligue 1 players in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.
  • Assist kings: Assist 20 goals using Ligue 1 players in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.
  • Finesse touch: Score a finesse goal using Ligue 1 players in six separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.
  • Ligue 1 range: Score an outside of the box goal using Ligue 1 players in four separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.
Dexerto/EA Sports
The top 10 Ligue 1 players from FIFA 20.

If you’re still looking for inspiration on how to build the ideal Ligue 1 squad to make these objectives as easy as possible (no matter how many FUT coins it takes), be sure to check out Dexerto’s list of the best players from the French top-flight right here.

As far as time goes, you should have plenty of it to get these finished up, as they’ll be in the game for three weeks until November 20.

As always stick with us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK for all the latest FIFA 21 news, guides, and updates.