How to get loyalty in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Connor Bennett

Loyalty makes its return in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, meaning you can get slight chemistry boosts from loyal players. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Building the perfect Ultimate Team lineup can be a bit of a headache in FIFA, unless you’ve taken the time needed beforehand to put plans in place.

On top of needing players, you also need to decide on the best formation for your style of play, and pick out the best custom tactics. These choices can be in line with the game’s ever-evolving meta, or just how you feel comfortable playing the game. 

You also need chemistry. This will make your squad feel and play like a team that have been together for a few seasons rather than just cobbled together overnight. And that’s where loyalty comes into play.

Team lineup in FIFA 21
Having links between players in FIFA is key.

How loyalty works in FIFA 21

Having loyal players means that your team chemistry will receive a slight boost, but you still need players to be in the right position and have links to fellow teammates or countrymen. 

Getting loyalty, though, couldn’t be simpler and you have two options. First off, you can just pack a player. By having a first owner card, you won’t have to go through the method needed for the second way to get loyalty.

That second way is through playing games with the card, or cards, in your lineup. After playing ten games with a new card, that player will become loyal to your club and receive a slight chemistry boost. 

Play games to get loyalty in FIFA 21

  1. Buy a player off the market
  2. Add them to your lineup
  3. Play 10 games with them in the team
  4. The player will then receive a loyalty boost to their chemistry
Manuel Neuer card in FIFA
Players with loyalty have a little green shield on their card.

No loss FIFA 21 loyalty glitch discovered in Ultimate Team

Each year, though, players typically find a way to build up this loyalty faster than normal through a loyalty glitch. This typically involves leaving games, but that can put a loss on your record and affect your DNF standing.

In FIFA 21, Xbox players have already found a way to leave Squad Battles without receiving a loss but while still picking up the chemistry boost. 

However, as these pop up every year, it probably won’t be all that long before EA find a way to patch things to make it right in FIFA 21. 

So, that’s everything you need to know about building up loyalty in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. 

If anything changes, and that’s pretty unlikely as the formula has worked for a few years now, you’ll be able to find the latest news and updates over on Twitter – @UltimateTeamUK.