FIFA 21 performance trading method explained | How to make FUT coins

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Ultimate Team players are using an age old FUT market trick to make millions of coins, as investing in player performances appears to be working better than ever. Here’s how this FIFA 21 trading method works and what you need to do to make more FUT coins playing on the Web App, EA Play, or full game. 

Trying to build up your coins in FIFA 21 through various trading methods can be extremely challenging because trends change fast. In-game, of course, there are matches in Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champs – which hasn’t started yet – to help boost coins with weekly rewards.

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However, trading cards on the market can actually be a fantastic way to bolster your spending power. With extra coins, you can improve your FIFA Ultimate Team squads, and as a result feel a positive benefit on the pitch as well.

Let’s jump into how the investing in player performances method works.

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This FUT market trading method can be a perfect way of making coins fast at the beginning of the game’s life cycle.

FIFA 21 Trading: Investing in Player Performances method

How does it work?

This method is all about being on the ball with the market and live results. If you see two teams playing a televised match, say Liverpool and Aston Villa (where the Reds were humiliated 7-2), players will be searching for those who scored and buying them up in case an in-form card comes along in the next Team of the Week. This can be done in-game or on the FUT 21 Web App. 

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Who to Buy & When to Sell? 

Sometimes, during games or just after they score, you will see the prices of certain players double or triple. Using this method, you would bulk buy a number of these cards at the current price and then sell them when it increases by a lot.

This usually works in a curve of interest, with the price spiking around the time of the game and then coming back down afterwards, so it’s all about selling at the right time to make big profits.

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Ollie Watkins is a great example. After scoring a hattrick against Liverpool, his price shot up to highs of 7k plus during the game. He was previously 1,000 coins.

Best cards to trade with in FIFA 21

When the Champions League and Europa League games come around, that’s also a good time to take advantage of this method. These are prime times for world football and the teams playing at this level are usually right in the running for regular TOTW cards.

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Specifically, as the game gets older, Ones to Watch cards will be ideal purchases for this method. If you pick a player bang in form, you could be doubling or tripling your investment in a matter of weeks. If it’s an expensive player, that’s some serious FUT coins made.

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FIFA 21 TOTW 1 loading screenEA SPORTS
If you own, say Upamecano, and he’s scored a double of headers in one week. This method can help you cut your losses in case he gets a new IF card.

Can this method save you coins?

Just lastly, it’s worth mentioning that monitoring live scores of games can also save you some coins.

By the same token, if a player has scored a few goals in a game or if the chances of them getting an upgraded card soon – TOTW or POTM – and you own a special card of theirs already, you can sell it before that happens.

This will save you the disappointment of seeing the price of your current player falling off a cliff.

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