How to complete Ronaldo Flashback SBC in FIFA 21: requirements, solutions, cost

Connor Bennett
Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback SBC card

EA SPORTS have thrown it back all the way to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United days with a new Flashback SBC. Here’s how you can get his new card.

The Flashback and Player Moments squad building challenges are incredibly popular in FIFA Ultimate Team as fans can celebrate a player’s most memorable moment or season. 

The newest one might be the best we’ve seen, however, as it takes Cristiano Ronaldo all the way back to his Manchester United days. 

What unusual about this Ronaldo card is that it isn’t as highly rated as his recent 98-overall Team of the Year card but he comes all the way down to an 87-overall. Though, he’s still incredibly good in-game. 

Flashback Ronaldo in-game stats & SBC requirements

Now, some of the SBCs in FIFA 21 can be a bit ridiculous with the requirements – with some Player of the Month cards requiring upwards of six separate squads to complete it. 

In the case of Ronaldo, you only need three – one celebrating his Liga Nos roots, one for his success at United, and another that celebrates just how good he was at lighting up the Premier League. 

They’re not incredibly difficult requirements, but you will need to part with a few high rated players as well as some special cards like Team of the Week.

  • Rising Star: Min. 1 player from Liga Nos, Min. 1 in-form player, Min. 80 Squad Rating, Min. 80 Team chemistry
  • Old Trafford Glory: Min. 1 player from Manchester United, Min. 1 in-form player, Min. 84 Squad Rating, Min. 75 Team chemistry
  • League Finesse: Min. 1 player from Premier League, Min. 1 in-form player, Min. 86 Squad Rating, Min. 65 Team chemistry
Screenshot of Ronaldo's Flashback card in-game stats
Ronaldo might be an 87, but his Flashback card has some nice stats.

Cheap Flashback Ronaldo SBC solutions

With Ronaldo being reduced to an 87-overall, some players might assume that this SBC is incredibly cheap. Well, it’s not that cheap, but it’s also not too expensive either.

According to FUTBin, it can set you back anywhere between 275k-300k, regardless of what platform you play on. However, we’ve got a solution for each part of the SBC that should save you a few coins. 

Screenshot of FIFA cards for an SBC Screenshot of FIFA cards for an SBC Screenshot of FIFA cards for an SBC

If you need to save up the coins to get the new Ronaldo, you’ve got until February 19th to do so. After that, this special card will be gone for good. 

Though, if you’v already got your hands on him, let us know how the Portuguese superstar gets on in-game by tweeting us @UItimateTeamUK

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