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How to complete Matuidi OTW SBC in FIFA 21: cheapest solutions & cost

Published: 18/Oct/2020 19:29

by Albert Petrosyan


EA SPORTS have released a new SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team for Blaise Matuidi’s Ones to Watch special card, and we’ve got the requirements, in-game stats, solutions, cost, and everything else you need to unlock it.

With Ones to Watch being the active promo in FUT 21 right now, EA SPORTS have released another one for players to grab via SBC – Blaise Matuidi.

Matuidi made his move to the MLS and Inter Miami this offseason from Juventus along with Gonzalo Higuain, and the two international stars were pitted against each other by EA to see who the fans want to receive a OTW card.

Needless to say, the French midfielder beat out his Argentinian teammate and now has his first special card in the new title. All of the details for completing his new squad building challenge can be found below.

Blaise Matuidi OTW in-game stats

Matuidi OTW SBC FIFA 21
In-game stats for Matuidi’s OTW SBC card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT.

Since Matuidi hasn’t received any special cards this year, his OTW is identical to his 83-rated base card. As far as pure defensive midfielders go, the World Cup winner boasts all the necessary stats in Defending and Physicality, along with decent-enough Pace, Passing and Dribbling to survive in the midfield.

The only negatives are ones that have always plagued his cards: it only has a two-star weak foot and skill moves, which is why higher-skilled players have always avoided his items.

Blaise Matuidi OTW SBC requirements, solutions, cost

The good news is that unlocking this card via the SBC is actually incredibly cheap; FIFA database site FUTBIN estimates it cost between 16,000 and 18,000 coins on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s only one squad you need to submit, and the requirements for it are not complicated at all:

  • Number of players from France: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • Players in the Squad: 11

Here are some of the cheapest solutions for this challenge – without requiring any position-change cards or loyalty.

Matuidi's OTW SBC FIFA 21
Cheapest solution for Matuidi’s OTW SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT.
Matuidi OTW SBC FIFA 21
Another cheap solution for Matuidi’s OTW SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT.
Matuidi OTW SBC FIFA 21
Another cheap solution for Matuidi’s OTW SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT.

Is this SBC worth it?

Whether or not you should do this SBC and get this card is entirely based on if he fits in your squad. As mentioned above, for now, the OTW’s stats are identical to Matuidi’s regular gold card, so you’d be spending way more for an item that’s between 2,000 and 3,000 coins.

That said, if the French star begins to tear up the MLS for Inter Miami, or picks up a cheeky In-Form during an international break for France, his live item would upgrade to become even better, at which point you’d start seeing the value of doing this challenge.

Either way, you have only until Wednesday, October 21 to do the SBC before it expires for good.


How to complete FIFA 21 Inaki Williams Rulebreakers SBC

Published: 23/Oct/2020 19:23

by Nate Searl


EA Sports just released an all-new Squad Builder Challenge (SBC) for Inaki Williams. Here, we will show you how to complete the SBC and earn yourself the prize. 

If you’re looking for a La Liga Striker to add to your squad, EA Sports just gave you two legitimate options. The newest SBC features Inaki Williams, but with a twist. You get to choose between two cards with different stats.

The first option features a Williams card with an 82 shooting stat and a 90 dribbling stat. The second option features a slightly different Williams card, with 89 shooting and 83 dribbling. The rest of the stats are the same for both cards. As an 84 overall with an 88 pace, he will instantly become one of the best Spanish Strikers in the game.

FIFA 21 Inaki Williams Rulebreakers SBC


You must create two different teams to complete this SBC. The first is called Top Form and the other is National Duty. Here’s how to get them done and get your hands on the new Rulebreakers card.

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Top Form

  • Number of players from La Liga Santander: Min 1
  • IF Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • Number of players in the squad: 11


Inaki Williams FIFA 21 Rulebreakers SBC
Top Form Solution

National Duty

  • Number of players from Spain: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 55
  • Number of players in the squad: 11


Inaki Williams SBC FIFA 21 Rulebreakers
National Duty Solution

Depending on what platform you play on, according to the Futbin Database, these solutions should range from around 50,000 to 70,000 FUT coins. This amount should be well-worth the new Rulebreaker card.

Should you choose dribbling or shooting?

Once you complete the SBC, you will get to choose between the two cards. Classically in FIFA, dribbling is an extremely important stat. The ability to get around opponents and protect the ball is of the utmost importance. Shooting is also a nice stat to have, but an 82 shooting rating should be more than enough for decent players to score goals with.

If you’re looking to maximize the potential of the card, taking the card with the higher dribbling stat is probably the best option. Either way, both options are excellent, and having some extra shooting skills never hurts either.