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How to complete Adel Taarabt Flashback SBC in FIFA 20: solution & cost

Published: 1/Apr/2020 21:35 Updated: 1/Apr/2020 21:39

by Albert Petrosyan


EA SPORTS have released a special Flashback SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) for Morrocan/Benfica midfielder Adel Taarabt, and we’ve got the requirements, cheapest solutions, in-game stats, and everything else you need to complete it.

The busy period in FIFA 20 continues with yet another Flashback SBC, which has become a staple within FUT, celebrating a player’s successful campaign either domestically, internationally, or both.

This latest one is for Adel Taarabt, who has received an 88-rated special card recognizing his stellar 2012/2013 season, during which he performed admirably for Queens Park Rangers despite the team finishing bottom of the table and getting relegated.


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Taarabt FIFA 20 Flashback SBC: in-game stats

Over the years in FUT, Taarabt has always been regarded as one of the better dribblers in the game, and this Flashback card certainly pays homage to that. All six of his dribbling stats are 80 or above, including 94 ball control and 95 dribbling.

On top of that, he boasts great pace (88), shooting (86), and passing (89), and his 88 physical makes him a tough player to knock off the ball. The card also features five-star skills and a four-star weak foot, which are both ideal for a CAM.

The only real negative is the 70 stamina, which is definitely a concern. Those using Taarabt will probably want to sub him off at around the 60-65 minute mark before his stats really begin to deteriorate.


EA SPORTSIn-game stats for Adel Taarabt’s FIashback SBC card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

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Requirements, cheapest solution, and total cost

This Flashback SBC actually only requires one squad building component – an 84-rated team:

  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Players in Squad: 11

Here is the current cheapest solution, without loyalty or position-change cards, which is estimated to cost around 43,000 coins on PS4, 50,000 on Xbox One, and 43,000 on Origin.

FUTBINCurrent cheapest solution for Adel Taarabt’s FIashback SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

However, if having loyalty and position-change cards isn’t an issue for you, then you can try building this squad, which costs far less at 38,000 on PS4, 43,500 on Xbox One, and 36,000 on Origin.

EA SPORTSThis solution for Adel Taarabt’s FIashback SBC is cheaper, but it needs loyalty on all players.

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Of course, as is the nature of the FUT market, player prices are constantly fluctuating, so the cost of doing this SBC could go up or down depending on when you decide to complete it.


Is Taarabt Flashback SBC worth doing?

We’d highly recommend doing this SBC for a couple of reasons. First, the stats are very strong and near endgame level, and he looks like a very reliable CAM or striker, especially if equipped with a Hunter.

However, even if he doesn’t fit your squad or you have better players, it’s still an 88-rated card for pretty cheap, especially if you have stuff in your club that can further chip away at the price tag. Nowadays, with so many high-value SBCs floating around in FUT, an 88-rated item is likely to come in handy.

You better make your decision quickly though, as this squad building challenge expires on April 3, so you have less than two days to complete it before it’s gone.