How FIFA 22 TikTok trading works: Make millions of FUT coins?

fifa 22 tiktok tradingEA SPORTS / TikTok

FIFA 22 TikTok trading is the latest phenomenon in the Ultimate Team world, and some traders will tell you it’s a way to make millions of coins… But only if you play your cards right. 

Just like any trading method, those found on TikTok bring with them a certain level of risk.

Aside from the performance-based trading method of previous games, or buying your way into dedicated trading Discord servers, building up your FUT Club net worth can be tricky – especially as, naturally, card prices across the board depreciate as time goes on.

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However, those with a TikTok account can gain access to some fantastic tips, not at the cost of dollars or pounds, but instead through interactions.

How FIFA 22 TikTok trading works

fifa 22 ones to watchEA SPORTS
Trading on FIFA 22 can be made easier, it seems, by tapping into FUT trader tips on TikTok.

FIFA 22 TikTok trading is a method to potentially earn thousands, if not millions, of FUT coins.

All you need is a TikTok account dedicated to following traders on the platform and investing time into spotting trends because it’s a fast-moving environment. Essentially, the way it works is that traders will use their presence on the video-sharing platform to recommend cards people should stockpile.

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Then, these accounts rely on their videos to pick up steam and ultimately go viral. The more people that buy the cards, share the videos, and start making profits, the more the original trader makes. Not only that, but the early followers to jump on the trend can also cash out on some serious profits as well.

Using this method, it’s also a strong possibility that viral videos can make certain card variations extinct on the market, too, which naturally increases demand for it. It’s worth noting that not all trends are going to lead to massive profits, either, so do remain vigilant of traders suggesting cards based on fake leaks.

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Below is a diagram from FUTBIN that shows exactly how the trade price of a card has been affected by TikTok trading in the past.

The card involved is Ryan Gravenberch, of Ajax, and it’s his 84-rated Road to the Knockouts version. This was one card that went viral on TikTok and ultimately became impossible to find on the in-game market, as seen in the data below – where the item was not trading as normal between November 21-25.

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As players will know, these types of cards can be upgraded throughout the Champions League campaign and leaks play a big part in traders tipping them off to start increasing in price.

When it returned, it shot up in price when compared to its previous value. This was a shift from 30,000-40,000 to over 70,000 coins.

tiktok trading with fifa 22 cardsFUTBIN
This FUTBIN chart of Ryan Gravenberch’s RTTK card value shows how prices can be affected.

What this shows is that TikTok traders, particularly the popular ones, can have a significant impact on the price and demand of FUT items.

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Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen long-term, but in FIFA 22 a lot of players are making shedloads of coins, while others who arrive late to the trends lose out.

That is the nature of trading, though. It’s a pump and dump game you can lose or win millions from.

How to trade FIFA 22 cards on TikTok

Trader or Trend follower?

To trade using TikTok, you need to decide whether you want to be one of the following two options:

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  • Content creator: Post videos trying to push a certain card
  • Trend follower: Follow TikTok traders and the trends they create


Once you have decided which role you’re going to take up (Tip: Significantly easier to be a trend follower), it’s all about having the liquid coins ready to spend on player cards that are pumped up on the platform. A good amount to have would be anything over 100,000 FUT coins – but generally speaking, the more the better.

Why – you might ask? If you can make 10,000 coins per card after it’s been made extinct, due to TikTok trader trends, but the original costs 30,000… You’re going to limit your potential returns per item by just owning one or two.

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FIFA 22 TikTok trading

FIFA 22 trading tips on tiktokTikTok
These are the kinds of videos you will see on TikTok, when searching for FIFA 22 trading tips.

In that sense, though, it would be good to start low. Try to spot trends of 83-84 rated cards that cost just a few thousand coins, and with the profits of those, you can then invest that into higher-value assets in the future. The more money you make on Ultimate Team, the more you can use FIFA 22 TikTok traders to find greater value cards and try to keep climbing the ladder.

If you’re reading this now and thinking it sounds kind of risky, that’s because it is. Getting caught in the dumping phase where the price of your cards plummets can be a disaster for players, so it’s always important to cash out as the prices are soaring or when a card moves out of ‘extinct’ territory.

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Once it’s available to buy again, thousands of players will want to get their hands on one and that’s when you sell your collection.

Best FIFA 22 leakers?

It’s also worth noting that a lot of pumping and dumping starts based on leaked cards for promo events, so do be careful.

Not every leak is accurate and some sources are more reliable than others, but that’s something you will pick up over time. JakeFUTTrading, FUTDonk, and TrustyFUTTrader usually reveal leaks a few days in advance.

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Just as a final warning, it is worth noting that not every TikTok trend you see pushed on your feed will be legitimate, and many will mainly help the original trader more so than others who hop on the trend. As this type of trading becomes more popular, increasingly more ‘ponzi scheme’ accounts are starting to leech off players trying to make a quick buck.

Therefore, it’s advised that you remain vigilant and see what other established members of the trading community are saying about such trends, before piling lots of coins into the idea. Some will be booms and others will be busts.

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