FIFA 23 Path to Glory World Cup: Team 1, upgrade dates & promo explained

fifa 23 path to glory cardsEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has released the FIFA 23 Path to Glory promo for the Qatar World Cup 2022 – revealing Team 1, how upgrades work, and more.

FIFA’s Qatar World Cup 2022 has shaken up FUT Champs rewards, the Team of the Week schedule, and has delivered a boatload of new officially licensed content.

If you’re looking to get involved with the Path to Glory promo in Ultimate Team, this mega guide will run through the cards revealed so far, how upgrades work, and when the upgrades will kick in.

So, let’s dive right into it.

FIFA 23 Path to Glory Team 1

fifa 23 path to glory team 1EA SPORTS
Path to Glory Team 1.

FIFA 23 Path to Glory start and end date

Path to Glory starts on November 11 and ends on December 19.

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How Path to Glory upgrades work in FIFA 23

EA SPORTS has explained how the Path to Glory promo will work.

They said: “Each Path to Glory player item—one from each of the 32 nations competing at this year’s FIFA World Cup—will be eligible for upgrades based on their country’s real-world performance.

“Each player item starts the campaign with a base upgrade and can receive additional boosts if their team progresses to each successive stage.”

fifa 23 path to glory upgradesEA SPORTS
Here’s how the upgrades will work.

How this works can be seen below:

  • Progressing to Round of 16: +1 upgrade
  • Progressing to Quarter Finals: +1 upgrade
  • Progressing to Semi-Finals: 5* week foot upgrade
  • Progressing to Finals: 5* skill moves upgrade
  • Winning the World Cup: +1 upgrade and three traits for the player

Once a player’s nation is eliminated, they will not earn any more upgrades.

When will my Path to Glory cards upgrade?

Your Path of Glory cards will be upgraded throughout the World Cup competition but will update on different dates.

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These can be seen below:

  • Round of 16 upgrades starting from December 3
  • Quarter Final upgrades starting from December 7
  • Semi Final upgrades starting from December 12
  • Final upgrades starting from December 15
  • Winner upgrades starting from December 19

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